QuiverX Emerges as the Rising Star of DeFi, Crowdfunding, and Launchpad Space

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QuiverX Emerges as the Rising Star of DeFi, Crowdfunding, and Launchpad Space

Mar 21 2021

QuiverX is a DeFi project that found a way to combine blockchain technology and crowdfunding, providing unique opportunities for startups and crypto investors alike.

Crowdfunding has been around for some time now — enough so that most people have at least heard of it, and have a vague idea of what it’s about. Which, given the name itself, is not that hard to do. The original idea was for developers and entrepreneurs to present their ideas to the crowd, and get funded by those who develop an interest in the project. Sometimes, it is a brand-new project that needs help to get started.

Sometimes, it is an established firm that needs to start a funding round in order to continue development. Although, such fundraisers are typically not available to the public, but only to institutional and wealthy investors. That’s where crowdfunding entered the picture, offering retail investors to support projects and be part of something bigger, help it grow and advance. In any event, crowdfunding worked, and a lot of companies got established, or projects started, as a result of it.

Now, a new project called QuiverX aims to use it in a brand new way, and provide small to medium-sized companies with a chance to raise money by combining crowdfunding and blockchain. The company is offering firms the ability to grant everyday investors access to tokenized equity.

How Does it Work?

In essence, the idea is quite simple. Companies that need to raise money can use QuiverX’s platform to offer tokenized equities to the people. Meanwhile, interested retail investors get new investment opportunities and get to invest into companies early — something that they did not have the opportunity to do in the past due to inability to qualify as investors.

The project changes things by allowing investors to only invest into fractions of high-yielding investments. After crowdfunding, companies get to use the money for further development and creation of new projects. As their ideas and products take off, the company’s value increases, and so investors get to profit, as well.

Meanwhile, investors can use QuiverX’s online wallet to keep their funds safe and secure, but also to send and receive cryptocurrencies, as well as rewards for using the firm’s servers to keep their coins safe. The rewards get to go as high up as 18% APY, which is another reason why many are turning to this new service.

On top of that, QuiverX also has its own point-of-sale payment card that makes it easy to access and use your crypto funds. The card acts as a typical debit card, which users can load manually via the platform, but also automatically, by using reoccurring payments from their bank accounts. The main benefit to it is that users can spend rewards they earn from locking up coins, and since locking the coins up is all it takes to become eligible for rewards, it is passive income at its best.

There is even a 5% cashback on all spending and free services, such as Amazon Prime and Netflix.

What does QuiverX Plan Next?

So far, QuiverX launched the beta version of its platform, as well as its MVP app. It got listed on a public exchange, and it introduced the wallet. Next, it aims to launch the full version of the platform in Q2, as well as its card. After that, it will start bringing in businesses interested in using its platform.

Around Q3, it will start the rewards program initiative, and introduce governance farming protocol vote.

Lastly, as the year starts approaching its end in Q4. QUiverX will continue developing the website, finalize licensing and documentation, and launch staking with Ferrum. It will also introduce governance via xEarn yield farming protocol, expand its team, and bring end-of-year staking of xEarn.

All in all, the company offers unique, advanced solutions for startups and retail investors alike, granting the former the opportunity to raise money, and the latter the opportunity to invest their money in emerging companies with high potential.

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