Defiboost Makes PR and Marketing Strategies for DeFi Startups Easier than Ever

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Defiboost Makes PR and Marketing Strategies for DeFi Startups Easier than Ever

Mar 16 2021

defiboost is a leading PR and marketing agency that provides top-quality strategies for DeFi startups, and allows developers to focus on making their projects as best as they can be.

The DeFi sector of the cryptocurrency industry exploded rather quickly, and in less than a year, it went from total value locked (TVL) being under $1 billion to over $43 billion. As the sector continued to grow and develop, it became a massive trend that attracted everyone — investors willing to earn, developers aiming to launch their new ideas in the form of interesting projects, and existing development platforms, wishing to offer the best conditions for further development, in order to attract the previous two groups.

Before long, DeFi became just as competitive and large as the crypto industry as a whole did back in 2017. New DeFi startups are now launching all the time, which makes it rather difficult to stand out. There are some high-quality projects out there whose voice is suffocated by the crowd, and it would be a shame for their ideas to go to waste. This is why defiboost came to be, and why its services are so sought-after these days.

What is defiboost?

As the name suggests, defiboost is a project that aims to boost DeFi projects. It does this by providing expert PR and marketing strategies that are tailor-made for each project, with an aim to promote and represent the essence of its clients.

Essentially, DeFi developers already have their hands full with the tech that supports their projects and makes it do all the wonderful things that they do in a decentralized way. They lack the time, and sometimes also the skills and connections to properly dedicate to PR. And, when you lack the proper skills for something, the most sensible thing to do is to hire a specialist to do it for you. In the case of PR and marketing, this specialist is defiboost.

What Does defiboost Do?

defiboost offers several things as part of its boosting strategy, including high-quality PR and publications, where its skilled PR team goes beyond traditional media relations. They provide authentic coverage from some of the biggest publications and influencers in the crypto/DeFi space.

That includes even YouTubers and thought leaders, with which the company collaborates on a regular basis. Through these collaborations, defiboost instructs influencers and other vocal individuals to tell the world about emerging startups.

On top of that, there is also one-to-one investor outreach, which is an entire campaign where the project contacts investors of other projects directly. They can then present their clients’ projects, and investors can look into these projects, inspect them, and even invest without the fear of a scam, as they trust that defiboost did the backchecking and that it will only promote legitimate projects that are safe to invest in.

So far, the project has had major success, which was confirmed by a lot of positive feedback from popular names in the space, all of which used to be (or still are) the company’s clients.

The project also offers multiple success stories, as it helped its customers raise over $200 million in a short time that it operated in the DeFi sector. The project also attracted numerous well-known partners, including BitcoinVend, QuiverX, UniMex, Degen Protocol, Axion, HEX, Connect Financial, SwapDEX, CyberFi, and others.

The company also offers an easy way to get in touch, and it is very transparent about what it does and what its clients can and should expect. All of this allowed the company to become a leading PR and marketing agency in the decentralized finance industry, secure that position, and become the go-to provider of this kind of service in the sector.

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