AuDeFi Offers a Safe Way for Businesses to Experience Cryptocurrency

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AuDeFi Offers a Safe Way for Businesses to Experience Cryptocurrency

Mar 21 2021

AuDeFi is a DeFi project that has created Cryptium — a unique solution that will allow businesses to manage their excess cash and use it in a safe way to earn more money for everyday operations, without having to worry about volatility.

The crypto industry has been around for more than 12 years now, and for most of its history, it was largely unknown to the world, uninteresting to businesses, and too risky for entrepreneurs. Things changed when it finally saw the light of day in 2017, coming out from the shadows, attracting huge interest, and seeing price surges.

After that, a year-long correction hit, and even to this day, it was the most severe one, which earned it a nickname ‘the crypto winter.’ These days, in 2021, the prices are skyrocketing again, and Bitcoin even exceeded $60k less than a month ago. While adoption has been surging right alongside the prices, and even institutions are now entering the crypto sector — many still remember the crypto winter and how devastating it has been for some investors.

While businesses and entrepreneurs would like to use crypto for its benefits, they also don’t wish to risk being ruined by volatility. Now, they don’t have to fear it, as AuDeFi came up with a unique solution that can please everyone.

What is AuDeFi?

AuDeFi is a financial technology firm that offers a hybrid cryptocurrency venture capital fund. This is a unique product that offers to safeguard the innovators’ and entrepreneurs’ financial well-being. As a result, they don’t have to hold back and worry about their financial future. Instead, they get to be as innovative and creative as they can.

To achieve this, AuDeFi launched Cryptium, which is a DeFi asset that businesses can use to manage their extra cash. Cryptium can efficiently deliver high yields with very low volatility, which is something that most cryptocurrencies cannot promise. As such, Cryptium can protect investors against major risks, by offering steady cash flow streams.

Basically, what it does is enabling businesses to receive predictable dividends, and on a daily basis, at that. Investors can use them to refill their bank accounts and cover for various expenses that come with running a business. Cryptium can do this because it was designed to be trustworthy and non-speculative, thus providing businesses with safety and security as they explore the crypto industry’s possibilities.

About Cryptium

As mentioned, Cryptium is a DeFi instrument — an instrument belonging to the sector of the crypto industry that aims to offer bank-like services in a decentralized way. It offers businesses to receive predictable dividends and growth. The keyword here is ‘predictable,’ which is something that no one can say about assets like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other coins, whose prices can skyrocket or crash in a matter of hours. With volatility being one of the biggest problems in the crypto industry that still avoids being solved, an asset that can eliminate it and be safe for investments is likely to see great amounts of interest.

Its benefits are many — it protects stakers against loss of value, it is equity-free, it is predictable, pegged against gold, trustworthy, and offers staggered annual percentage yield with an initial 60% SAPY return.

The asset’s development was sponsored by Singapore-based firm, Dragon’s Vault, which found the idea interesting, and wants Cryptium to become its core financial instrument that will support a portfolio of firms and their operational cash flow.

The project already saw a private crowd sale of $1m-worth of Cryptium temporary taken. According to its roadmap, the late Q1 and early Q2 of 2021 are to see a public launch of this Temporary Token on Uniswap, the development of the real Cryptium token, and marketing and adoption efforts.

In Q3, the company will have a fully-functional Cryptium token, which will then be released and swapped, with the staking portal also becoming available in all non-US jurisdictions. Lastly, in Q4 of this year, the token and the platform will also arrive to the US, as well.

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