ZORT Announces Going Live on Numerous Exchanges and Price Tracking Sites

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ZORT Announces Going Live on Numerous Exchanges and Price Tracking Sites

Jun 18 2021

In brief

  • ZORT, a DeFi project that offers a trading network with a variety of benefits, recently made a major announcement.
  • According to its recent Twitter post, the project is now live on Uniswap DEX.
  • In the next two days, the coin was also listed on CoinMarketCap, CoinGecko, and Live Coin Watch.

ZORT, a cryptocurrency that powers the ZORT trading network, just announced going live on a number of coin price tracking sites and exchanges.

The DeFi sector has so far given birth to numerous tokens and protocols, many of which offer ways for users to earn money in a passive way. Some offer staking, yield farming, and alike, although there are many who offer different methods, such as token lending, or those that operate as decentralized exchanges.

However, there are also projects that are trying to combine different features of DeFi, such as ZORT, which offers a trading network, as well as the ability to stake its native token, also called ZORT. As such, ZORT aims to reward both, holders and stakers in a similar way, and make itself as attractive to users as possible.

The project is fairly young, and so it is currently focusing on expansion and raising awareness. And, as it turns out, it has a pretty good approach to these things, which allowed it to recently get listed on Ethereum’s largest DEX, Uniswap. Only one day after the Uniswap announcement, however, the token also got listed on CoinGecko, further increasing its availability and awareness.

Only a few days later, with less than six hours in between, ZORT also announced getting listed on CoinMarketCap, and then on Live Coin Watch. The best part is that all of this happened in only three days, between June 14th when the token launched, and June 17th.

What is ZORT about?

As mentioned, ZORT is a project that aims to reward stakers and traders alike, without favoring one or the other. There are many projects who would reward users greatly if they stake their tokens for as long as possible, with some of the longest staking periods going as far as being 15 years long. This is several years longer than the age of the entire crypto industry up to this point, which is a massive commitment.

But, the rewards definitely make it worth it, which goes to show just how far some of these projects will go to ensure that their users won’t sell the tokens. ZORT does things differently, not limiting its users in such a way. Instead, it aims to help them earn as much through staking and trading as possible.

It uses AI to create professional market forecasts that are as accurate as possible, given the data. Of course, the crypto market is as unpredictable as ever, but AI-created predictions are typically always better and more precise than anything humans can come up with. But, that’s not all. ZLRT doesn’t only make predictions — its system also acts on them. Meanwhile, through advanced technology, its system is constantly learning about the market behavior, its sudden changes and reasons behind them, and all that data goes directly towards perfecting it and making it more aware and more precise.

And, of course, there are other benefits to holding ZORT, such as getting a 50% discount on trading fees, growing the user’s portfolio by banking on ZORT’s trading tech, and as mentioned, staking ZORT, which yields up to 8% per year.

Essentially, the project is fully autonomous trading platform that uses AI and ML technologies for the benefit of traders themselves. And, with that in mind, it is not surprising that ZORT is rapidly attracting attention and expanding its ecosystem.