Zap Protocol Publishes the Latest Beta 2.0 Development Update

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Zap Protocol Publishes the Latest Beta 2.0 Development Update

May 14 2021

In brief

  • Zap protocol is a decentralized tokenized bonding curve duration market that offers access to a variety of services and data.
  • The protocol has done a lot of work recently, and it decided to share some of its achievements, current projects, and plans for the future.
  • heir Medium post touched upon UI improvements, NFT research, DEX architecture improvements, and many other details.

Zap Protocol recently published a new development update, sharing details about the work that developers made in the past.

Zap Protocol, a decentralized tokenized bonding curve curation market that offers access to data, among other services, recently published its latest Beta 2.0 development update on its Medium. The update spoke of the most recent advancements that the developers have made recently, showing the speed at which the project is advancing, as well as directions that it is taking.

What details did the update share?

According to the update, there has been quite a lot that the project managed to do recently. For example, it is closing in on the launch of the Zap Labs website, which is supposed to arrive later during this quarter. Once it does, it will host R&D, offer grants and experimental builds, and more. However, it is still too early to say when the website can be launched with greater precision, so more information should be expected in weeks to come.

The team also shared that the Oracle Node functionality is currently being tested and that the current focus is on the incentive structure for validators. The team also revealed that it is working on the new bonding curve javascript widget, that will allow projects to use widgets on the site.

The project’s frontend team recently finished creating the new mobile UI components in Storybook, as well as prototypes in Figma. Right now, they are working on tying them into a production-ready environment. The team also focused a lot on security and making the experience user-friendly, and to that end, a lot of dashboard UI bugs are being addressed right now.

In addition to this redesign, the project’s website splash page also got converted to HTML5. Meanwhile, the tests of the splash page should start this week with the community focus group, which will provide feedback on its findings after the testing.

The project also stressed that its DEX architecture is undergoing significant improvements that are expected to reduce the slippage loss, which will be very important to traders moving around big amounts of tokens. The larger the amounts, the greatest the exposure to slippage. So, in order for its exchange to have any hope of attracting big traffic, it needs to address these issues urgently.

Of course, it is also important to tackle the NFT features, given the sudden burst of popularity of these products in 2021. NFT creation and marketplace features are still undergoing research and development, but the team did share that it is exploring a variety of NFTs. Lastly, they are also working on a number of cross-chain solutions, including the BSC.