YSEC Launches on BSC to Reach More Users

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YSEC Launches on BSC to Reach More Users

May 14 2021

In brief

  • A new DeFi launchpad easing entry into the sector.
  • The launchpad has already hosted the first token for the COX token.
  • YSEC does not lock assets within its smart contracts due to automation of operations.

As the DeFi space integrates the cryptocurrency sector and traditional finance, investors still experience several challenges, especially at the entry level. Some products never attain their full potential due to a lack of an appropriate launchpad. Notably, some of the existing launchpads require constant manual operation and are susceptible to scams. Therefore, this calls for a platform that guarantees safety and automation. In this case, Yearn Secure (YSEC) is the ideal platform.

A New Platform for a New Blockchain

YSEC is a new platform that hosts DeFi protocols with a focus on low-cap projects.YSEC acknowledges that the DeFi sector is attracting profits, with many developers attempting to join the industry. YSEC is an automated full-service Initial DEX Offering Launchpad to make DeFi a safer space for investors. The platform offers an option for creating an IDO, with operators having the option of locking token allocations through the time vault and interval. The former ensures locked tokens are released after the set time has passed. Elsewhere, interval vault provides a fixed percentage of tokens unlocked after a set period has passed.

YSEC has launched on the Binance Smart Chain in a bid to reach more clients in the sector. Notably, BSC has a reputation as a competent platform. YSEC did not opt for the popular Ethereum due to rising network fees from the  increased traffic from the DeFi boom. Furthermore, Ethereum continues to strain with normal dApp transactions, and the surge in DeFi has made it unusable.

YSEC Value Proposition

YSEC acknowledges that the DeFi scene is witnessing unprecedented growth and faces several challenges like difficulty investing in emerging projects securely. Notably, most projects lack ideal launchpads because of existing scams.

The current operating model requires developers to link with Unicrypt and TEAM to lock their assets and add the promised liquidity on Uniswap themselves. This is where YSEC steps in. The platform provides token locking, ether locking, liquidity locking, liquidity adding solutions. This entire process is automated with YSEC designed never to lock assets within its smart contracts. The automation means developers can customize their tokenomics, add unique trading pairs, and even select between time vaults for their token allocations.

When new projects are published, investors will notice when and which offerings have a presale alongside the tokenomics.  Notably, stakeholders can stake their YSEC in the YSEC farming pool once the presale is over. At the same time, when the presale goes live, holders can stake their YSEC and earn dividends based on fees generated.

Staking on the platform utilizes the Yield Dashboard, allowing investors to take part in the tokenomic among the existing launchpads. The dashboard offers an overview of the total YSEC staked, the number of staked tokens, the total ETH in the pool and the number of successful IDOs YSEC launched, and the number of participants in the pool. Through the dashboard, users can stake their accumulated tokens and earn ETH. With YSEC, stakers are at liberty to leave the pool at the time of their choice. Furthermore, it is hard to sell staked tokens on the platform.

One of the key advantages of the Yield Dashboard is that investors can only stake their tokens once. The resulting Ethereum rewards will be remitted to the Yield Dashboard automatically and added to any existing rewards pool. In the end, investors will not be required to unstake YSEC tokens from the Yield Dashboard.

Notably, once there is a successful presale, 2.5% of total capital raised is transferred to the Yield Dashboard. A similar metric is used for projects launching at BSC. In the future, FTM or TRX YSEC is committed to ensuring the same formula is followed until there is a successful link of the YSEC to the platform’s ERC-20 token. According to YSEC, protocols that launch on BSC, FTM, or TRX will have yield transferred to ETH Yield Dashboard. This will be the solution until YSEC completes the development for the YSEC ecosystem connector.

To advance the project, by the end of Q2 2021, developers seek to launch the BSC integration of the YSEC launchpad alongside the FTM integration of the YSEC launchpad. The platform also aims to unveil the private sale option and finalize the new webpage. Furthermore, developers will also release the YSEC mobile dashboard.

Bottom Line

As the DeFi sector matures, there is a need for sanity in the industry. Most importantly, all projects should have ideal launchpads that will give them equal access to the investors. Furthermore, security is another key feature. The sector needs to avoid a replica of the 2017 ICO boom that was characterized by scams. However, the emergence of a platform like YSEC offers the sector a new leaf towards maximizing the full potential.