YSEC Brilliantly Uses Staking to Help with its Token Launching

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YSEC Brilliantly Uses Staking to Help with its Token Launching

May 27 2021

YSEC is primarily an automated, full-service IDO launchpad that emerged to offer an easy way for DeFi projects to roll out their coins.

The DeFi sector continues to grow and expand even now when the prices are uncertain and no one knows whether this is a temporary bearish wave or the start of another crypto winter. With that being the case, new DeFi projects continue to emerge, and they need a DeFi-specific launchpad that would cater to their needs better than the universal launchpads offered by centralized exchanges and their IEOs.

This is why YSEC emerged, offering an Initial DEX Offering (IDO) platform that is fully automated and specially designed for DeFi token roll-outs. However, the DeFi sector is growing quickly, and it is quite noisy since every project is trying to attract attention to itself. A launchpad might find it difficult to spread awareness on its own, which is why YSEC also introduced staking to try and attract new users who would help spread the word.

Staking on YSEC: What do you need to know?

To YSEC, staking is a useful tool for attracting people and securing the future of its platform. But, even so, the project did not hesitate to call it the most interesting part of its platform for token holders.

The project offers a dividend pool where the project put half of the funds it raised during its pre-sales. This is the money that is being used for rewarding stakers in the form of ETH. Essentially, the project’s dividend pool is a bullish tokenomic, and it is included in the project to use the community as a marketing catalyst.

What this means is that, the more projects launch through YSEC, the more Ethereum gets to the dividend pool. The more money there is, the more of it goes to the stakers. As a result, stakers are expected to help bring new projects through promotions and even regular mentions of it on social media. Since developers of new projects tend to frequent the same circles to analyze the market, keep track of new trends, and alike, it is easy for them to hear about YSEC and get a basic idea of what it does.

After that, a single Google search can bring them to the YSEC’s website, litepaper, and other aspects that explain what the project offers in detail. The developers then realize the great potential of launching their token through YSEC’s launchpad, which brings the money back to the community.

It is an easy way to spread awareness about the project, where YSEC doesn’t have to worry too much about traditional marketing. Meanwhile, its community gets rewarded to present it to the world in any way it can, or sees fit to do so. In the end, everybody wins, and YSEC continues to grow.