Yearn Secure’s New Dashboard Is Online and Ready to Go

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Yearn Secure’s New Dashboard Is Online and Ready to Go

May 13 2021

In brief

  • The developing staff at YSEC detected a lack of interactivity in the platform.
  • A new dashboard is online to address the previous functionality limitations.
  • Token holders remain the project’s priority.

The DeFi sector has exploded over the last few months in such a way that is close to becoming the crypto-verse’s public face. This has to do with market maturity, on the one hand, but also with the emergence of new projects and technologies that make it possible for users to make profits from cryptocurrencies by means other than trading.

Yearn Secure (YSEC) is one of the new DeFi projects that is creating a lot of hype and gaining popularity rapidly inside and out of the cryptoverse. YSEC’s main priority is to protect the trade’s security for token holders while providing a high degree of functionality.

A New Dashboard for YSEC

With those goals in mind, the project’s staff keeps an eye on the platform’s performance constantly so that they can detect the opportunities for growth and improvement. That’s how they found that the dashboard needed a little boost in its interactivity, so they went to work on it. That was last May 6th.

A new dashboard went online on May 11th. It includes integrated mobile compatibility, an integrated wallet connection, as well as more ease of interaction for every user.

What is YSEC?

YSEC is an integrated platform that gives developers the ability to customize the tokenomics policies and a token’s trading pairs in an utterly automated way. This approach to the process is good not only for developers but for investors too.

Developers who are working on new blockchain projects have to come up with a tokenomics agenda if their project includes a token for their new blockchain. This is akin to monetary policy, and it has to be respected once it’s announced. YSEC makes that easy for those new projects because all they need to do is to provide the platform with their monetary policy. Then they can sit back and relax.

Investors benefit too because they can make informed choices about the new tokens they chose for new investments with total transparency. Also, they can have increased peace of mind about a given project’s seriousness because the automatization of a tokenomics agenda is a test that only bona fide projects can pass. All the information is available before pre-sales begin.

Thus the platform’s automatization makes life easier for developers, filters out fishy projects, and empowers token holders by giving them better information than they could get otherwise.

So YSEC provides new DeFi protocols with a new home that is already furnished. Since the DeFi sector is proliferating (just as we saw in 2016, when the ICO boom was happening), demand for the platform’s services is guaranteed.

Among the new projects that are already using YSEC for their launch, we can find the Coxena Network, which held the first public sale of their COX token on YSEC last April 24th.