Yearn Secure Concluded its First Successful Presale

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Yearn Secure Concluded its First Successful Presale

Jun 17 2021

In brief

  • The DeFi sector is starting to see more and more DeFi-specific launchpads, with YSEC being the leading one.
  • YSEC is a fully-automated DeFi-oriented IDO launchpad that just completed its first presale.
  • The presale offered a token called Uranus, and it was completed on June 5th.

Yearn Secure (YSEC) is a growing automated IDO launchpad that just completed its first presale a few days ago, noting that it was a huge success.

Yearn Secure (YSEC) is one of the fastest-growing DeFi projects, which actually acts as a decentralized launchpad, more than a traditional crypto project. Essentially, its aim is to become an automated one-stop shop for developers, providing them with a safe and convenient place to customize their tokenomics, add various trading pairs, and more.

It is a fully automated, full-service IDO launchpad that wants to make DeFi safer for investors and developers alike.

The project just finished its first-ever token presale for the project known as Uranus. The presale lasted only for a day. It went live on June 4th, and it ended on June 5th. The project apparently offered 1 billion tokens in its presale, while its total supply includes 1,671,785,717 ANUS tokens. Each token was sold for the price of 0.0000001100 BNB, with the soft cap being 55 BNB and the hard cap being 110 BNB. The project came less than 1 BNB short of hitting the hard cap, selling a total of 109.229662 BNB.

Given the fact that it accepted BNB, some may have concluded already that the project token sale took place on BSC. Furthermore, Uranus decided to lock 90% of all the BNB they raise.

What is Uranus?

Uranus comes as a deflationary, passive yield generation token on BSC. Essentially, it is a project that aims to attract people by allowing them to earn passive income. However, passive income and the importance of attracting users is not there for the sake of money alone. Instead, Uranus (ANUS) has another goal, which is to attract as much attention to itself and spread an important message.

Basically, the project’s goal is to raise awareness of Australia’s second deadliest cancer, as well as of funds for charities dedicated to the prevention, early diagnosis, research, quality treatment, and the best care for anyone who may be affected by bowel cancer.

The project announced that it will mint 2 sets of NFTs each month, with the first being distributed at random among the top 100 wallets, while the second one will be offered for sale on its NFT market.

As a result, everyone will be able to buy or sell Uranus NFTs, while the top wallets will receive them as a way of saying thank you. Staking is also included as part of the project’s services, and stakeholders will be offered a new type of passive reward. This new type doesn’t require actual staking of the asset, or for the user to provide liquidity. All they need to do is to be Uranus holders, and they will be eligible to receive rewards.

In the end, Uranus has an important message, and it is doing all in its power to attract people and spread awareness. Hence the basically free rewards, and a curious ticker that never fails to attract the attention of readers.