YDragon Grants Users Exposure to an Index Fund Filled with Top Assets from Multiple Blockchains

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YDragon Grants Users Exposure to an Index Fund Filled with Top Assets from Multiple Blockchains

Jul 1 2021

In brief

  • YDragon is a project that allows investors to reduce the risk of investing into cryptocurrencies.
  • The project lets people invest into an index fund that consists of top-performing assets from multiple blockchains.
  • This is a much easier way for investors to diversify their portfolios than to invest in each asset individually.

YDragon is a young project that allows investors a unique opportunity to become owners of an index fund that will reduce the risk of investment by containing multiple top assets.

Any competent investor who really wants to help will advise people to follow one key rule when it comes to investing — diversification. This doesn’t only include crypto finance, but traditional finance, as well. No matter what users do, it’s never a good idea to keep all of the eggs in one basket, meaning that they should never invest everything in one single project.

That would mean that the behavior of one project impacts 100% of their investment, and that is a huge gamble and one that doesn’t usually pay off. However, if you opt to invest in different crypto assets, chances are that they will be spread throughout the industry, likely on multiple chains.

That might mean having to set up different crypto wallets for different assets, going on different exchanges to buy them, paying transaction fees and all kinds of other fees everywhere you go, and more. So far, this was the only way to invest in crypto and diversify your portfolio. However, there is now a much more user-friendly alternative, brought to us by the YDragon project.

What is YDragon?

YDragon comes as a brand new way of investing in multiple assets at once. Better yet, it allows users to invest in multiple yield farming protocols at once. Investing in multiple assets would have already been extremely beneficial, but investing in multiple DeFi yield farming protocols is even better, as it means that each of the protocols will allow users to earn passive income thanks to their investment. That would mean that the money they invested would keep making more money for them, without the user having to do anything.

YDragon took the idea from traditional finance, where investing in entire baskets of assets has been a common practice for a long time. Employing that same practice in the crypto world brings a variety of benefits, such as reduced risk, greater security, the ability to do it all without having to rely on expensive third parties, and more.

Best of all — doing all of this is extremely easy, so users can truly do it on their own, even if it is their first time. That’s also a good way for newcomers to invest in the safest and most productive assets, as opposed to taking a risk by investing in a project they don’t understand, and which might even be a scam.

Using YDragon’s solution will reduce the chance of losing the money of your investment unless there is a massive, market-wide change that will affect all cryptocurrencies negatively. In the end, a solution like this allows users to minimize the risk and maximize their profits, all with a single investment.