World Token Announces that it is Ready to Deploy its Mainnet

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World Token Announces that it is Ready to Deploy its Mainnet

May 31 2021

In brief

  • World Token project is a global digital marketplace that rewards users and merchants alike.
  • The project has been working on its mainnet for months, and it just announced that it will soon launch it.
  • According to what is known, the project is currently in the middle of the last pre-launch audit.

World Token is finally moving forward with its development, as it just recently announced the pending launch of its mainnet.

World Token is one of the best DeFi projects for users and merchants to earn funds from every transaction. However, the project has yet to begin its true work with clients and users, as it spent quite a lot of time, money, and effort on developing its long-anticipated mainnet.

On May 28th, the project announced on Twitter that the mainnet is ready for deployment ‘After months of hard work and dedication.’ Now, the community is eagerly awaiting for the mainnet to actually go live, so that it can experience it for itself.

World Token team explained that anyone from all across the world can use its upcoming platform to buy and sell all kinds of digital items, including games, books, comics, gift cards, music, services, NFTs, various collectibles, and more. All of it is perfectly safe and secured by smart contracts.

The only phase that remains, according to World Token’s announcement, is to audit the marketplace. This, unfortunately, doesn’t depend on the project itself — which seems just as eager to show the results of its work as the community is to see them.

Instead, it depends on the project’s partners who are actually conducting the audit. But, the project promised to keep its community updated on any progress and news that might emerge during the audit, be it positive or negative.

What Will the World Token Mainnet Bring?

Actually, the World Token mainnet is expected to bring quite a lot of marketplace features, such as listings search, a list of whitelisted merchants, NFTs which can be listed by pretty much anyone, as well as auctions, which will be enabled with the mainnet, as opposed to just offering to sell something for a certain amount and waiting for the buyer who is fine with that price to arrive.

Furthermore, sellers will also be able to reject offers, although this might not always be in their favor, as there will be bid expiration times, too. The project will then make purchase disputes possible, and it will add a purchase escrow service.

Sellers will be able to refund the buyers from their end should the sale fail for some reason, and there will be a certain finalization period, and after it expires, sellers will get their money in full, provided that there are no disputes to deal with. This finalization period will last for 48 hours, which users should keep in mind. Buyers and sellers will be able to chat and make sure that everyone is fine with the terms of the deal.

Next up, the project will allow the withdrawal of the bids, should the users choose to give up on the purchase. They can see everything from their dashboards, and most importantly — the platform is also mobile-optimized, for users on the go.

Lastly, there will be reviews, ratings, and questions on items, and users may also add NSFW tags, should they deem them necessary.