World Token’s Team is Looking for Merchants to Work with for Mainnet Launch

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World Token’s Team is Looking for Merchants to Work with for Mainnet Launch

May 3 2021

In brief

  • World Token, an emerging DeFi project, is about to launch its mainnet at some point in May.
  • The project recently held a giveaway with 3,000 WORLD up for grabs to celebrate the upcoming event.
  • With the event getting closer, the project is now looking for merchants interested in collaborating.

The DeFi project World Token is planning a mainnet launch soon, and is currently looking for merchants interested in collaborating with the project.

The DeFi sector is brimming with new projects looking to find a foothold in the industry and grow big, but to do that, they need to gain exposure. Many of them choose to launch their tokens on major platforms that have a great following so that as many people as possible could see them. However, their efforts to grow do not stop there.

One good example of this is a project known as World Token, which recently launched its Testnet. Right now, it is approaching its mainnet launch, which is scheduled to take place sometime this month. To celebrate it, the project already held a giveaway, and now, it is seeking out merchants to work with.

What Does World Token Have to Offer?

World is a unique platform even by crypto/DeFi standards, which combines the tokenomics of the best, frictionless yield protocols in order to secure instant rewards, as well as many additional benefits of staking for its users.

According to its recent offer published via Twitter, any merchants interested in working with the project for the launch of its mainnet can benefit from a variety of features.

For example, they can make earnings in cryptocurrency, and even get a constant stream of passive income through staking, which is easily one of the most popular way of earning in the DeFi sector.

The project also offers a decentralized escrow-based marketplace, it supports NFTs, which have blown up in 2021 similarly to how DeFi did in 2020, and it offers worldwide reach.

This is a common benefit for merchants who accept cryptocurrencies, as crypto transactions and payments are borderless. What this means is that anyone can make a payment from anywhere in the world, and it can be processed and completed instantly, provided that the user pays by using a scalable network. Crypto payments made with BTC would take at least 10 minutes to be processed, or even longer if the user doesn’t offer a high enough fee.

With instant transactions from anywhere in the world, merchants can significantly expand their reach, secure more customers, and join the wave of first-movers who are currently exposed to millions of crypto-using customers globally.

That’s what World Token is all about, after all — creating the World Marketplace, which will be a one-stop shop for buying digital goods online, including NFTs, games, collectibles, gift cards, e-books, comics, music, and anything else that can be bought or sold. All transactions are escrow-based, as mentioned, and facilitated by smart contracts, thus connecting merchants and customers around the globe instantly, and with ease.