World Token Delayed its Mainnet Release to Complete the Audit

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World Token Delayed its Mainnet Release to Complete the Audit

Jun 16 2021

In brief

  • World Token was supposed to roll out its mainnet a week ago, but it announced that the release will be pushed.
  • The reason for the decision is the fact that the audit was not complete in time, and the team wanted to wait.
  • This is a prime example of putting the security first and not blindly trusting the code that could potentially be flawed.

While most projects would rush the release of their networks just to meet a deadline, World Token project opted to put security first and finish the audit.

One of the big reasons why DeFi has grown as popular as it did as quickly as it did is the fact that it offers risk-free rewards that users can receive in the form of a passive income. All that anyone needs to do is buy the coins of certain protocols, lock them up, and receive rewards. That’s it. There are no strategies involved, difficult trading decisions to make, and alike.

Of course, “risk-free” doesn’t mean 100% risk-free, as the value of the coins can still drop and negatively impact the users’ wealth, but that is a default worry in the crypto industry no matter what you do. With that being the state of things, a lot of projects aimed at offering the best rewards in order to attract the most users. World Token is a great example of this, as it comes as a unique platform that combines the best tokenomics of frictionless yield protocols for instant rewards, with the additional benefits of staking.

The project launched its mainnet on June 7th and is now fully operational. However, one interesting thing is that it was supposed to launch it a bit earlier, but it pushed the launch date for security reasons.

World Token wanted to finish the audit

The thing about a lot of projects is that they claim this and that, but in the end, many are just after money. With that in mind, they don’t really prioritize security. Instead, they would do anything to make some sort of a profit, even if that means having to face difficulties later on.

World Token’s move shows that the project cares about its users more than money, which is why it chose to forget the roadmap and make sure that the mainnet will roll out only when they are certain that it is safe for it to do so. So, the team announced on Twitter that the mainnet release will be pushed by a few days.

The fact that the audit took longer than expected is nothing to be worried about. The code is complex, and inspecting it thoroughly takes time and effort. Worst of all, there is plenty of room for errors to slip through, which is why the team decided that it would be in everyone’s best interest to take things slowly and inspect the code properly.

The World Marketplace was audited by Solidity, one of the biggest blockchain security firms out there, and the team was quite proud to announce that, despite taking extra time, no security risks have been found.

In the end, the project’s mainnet rolled out successfully, as mentioned, and is now available and ready to continue to grow.