Vabble Takes Hold Of The Streaming Services With a Successful IDO

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Vabble Takes Hold Of The Streaming Services With a Successful IDO

Aug 14 2021

In brief

  • Vabble held its IDO on August 1st, which has been very successful.
  • Following the token sale, the project got listed on numerous major platforms.
  • Now that the launch and listings have been completed, Vabble is ready to start offering interactive streaming.

Vabble, the interactive streaming platform based on blockchain, recently held its IDO, during and after which it saw great success.

DeFi project Vabble is executing their vision of what streaming services should be like, combining a social media experience with quality movies to really elevate the experience of watchers, taking entertainment to a whole new level like no one has ever seen before!

Vabble raised enough in the IDO to start taking on the streaming giants in the industry, they’ve made key partnerships that are very promising and exciting to see how Vabble has grown before they even started. Now the IDO is over, we can’t wait to see what they do.

We have been watching this project from before the IDO, and WOW guys, this is going to be great for crypto as a whole, and a project that’s used by the masses! The utility of this token is going to be heavily used in their ecosystem, and have a real world case.

Having seen the graphical interface that the team has released, let me tell you, people who use Vabble won’t need to have crypto experience. It’s for the everyday person, who comes home from work to decompress and enjoy the full suite of entertainment experiences.

Vabble is going to show how powerful crypto can be when used like this.

In coming weeks, the team is set to release some key material provided by industry leading experts on their film board, promoting and providing context of the value add of Vabble to the film and streaming industry. We are some of the lucky few who have already viewed the teaser and it’s nothing short of extraordinary.

Vabble IDO and post-launch listings

Vabble’s IDO was announced several months ago, and it was supposed to be held back in June on CyberFi’s Samurai Launchpad. However, the crashing crypto prices have caused the company to postpone the event, and wait for the situation to calm before trying again.

As August approached, the company finally decided that it was time to hold the token sale, and so it extended the whitelist process until the end of July, with the intention of holding the IDO on August 1st.

However, this time, Vabble became available on several places, including ZeroSwap Labs, Axion Network, KwikSwap Protocol, and more. Users could join the IDO via ZeeDO simply by staking ZEE, in return for which they could claim proof of participation tickets, with no need to go through KYC or whitelisting.

Following the token sale, the project was listed on Uniswap very quickly, by August 3rd. The listing went off without any issues, and Vabble has actually been trending number one on the DEX for several hours after it was listed.

Messages of support kept arriving from numerous projects, individuals, and companies in the entire crypto industry, making Vabble one of the most popular projects of early August. By August 5th, Vabble was also listed on CoinMarketCap. The project has even posted a list of the achievements, which include listing on Uniswap, Bilaxy, Coingecko, CoinMarketCap, Delta Asset Tracker, Dextools, and more. Trading has skyrocketed, as well, as Vabble kept dominating the spotlight.

Furthermore, the project also announced that it has partnered with Axion to hold an airdrop worth $147,000 in VAB. In retrospect, it is safe to say that Vabble’s decision to postpone its launch was a good one, as it definitely attracted massive amounts of attention now that the fear of dropping prices has softened, and investors are once again willing to engage with upcoming projects.

What is Vabble?

Vabble is a project that aims to bring interactive streaming of films, series, documentaries, exclusive originals, and more — all without censorship and total freedom of speech. This is, of course, only possible thanks to blockchain technology, and the project’s unique offering has a good chance of significantly disrupting the streaming industry.

Over the years, the project has adapted to the current state of the market and blockchain, it has grown, and changed for the better, always moving forward. Best of all, it migrated from a social media platform to an SVOD service that we know today.

Vabble is an example of a project that has proven that patience and thinking things through does pay off — similarly to how Cardano prefers to do things. There is no need to rush things along if the time is not right, but very few projects tend to adopt this way of thinking. It will certainly be interesting to follow this project’s development, and see how far it will go in months and years to come.