Vabble Rewards All Who Participated in Token Sale With an Airdrop

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Vabble Rewards All Who Participated in Token Sale With an Airdrop

Sep 22 2021

In brief

  • Vabble recently held a very successful IDO on Axion’s Launchpad
  • Now, the streaming platform rewarded participants with a $2k-worth of VAB in a large airdrop
  • The project is currently working on creating its platform, with hopes of launching as soon as possible

Vabble, a decentralized, interactive streaming platform, recently rewarded participants in its Axion Launchpad event with $2k worth of VAB tokens.

The last 10 years have cemented the position of numerous SVOD (Subscription Video On Demand) platforms, but the next decade is likely going to focus on making these platforms decentralized, or rather — launching their decentralized competitors. The prime example of this and the current leading decentralized SVOD platform is known as Vabble, which recently held its token sale on Axion Launchpad.

The platform did more than that, however, as it also rewarded all participants with an airdrop of $2,000-worth of VAB for each participant, according to Axion’s announcement from September 13th.

As many likely know, Axion allows users to stake its native cryptocurrency, AXN, and not only earn Bitcoin as a reward for staking but also participate in new projects that are holding their token sales on its Launchpad.

Vabble itself held a very successful IDO, and is now working on launching its streaming service which is going to be the biggest and best decentralized competitor to giants like Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Hulu, HBO GO, Disney+, and alike.

While Netflix and the others do offer reliable platforms filled with content, Vabble will offer the same, plus much more. It has a strong and experienced developer team, a unique idea, movies/series-related NFTs, co-watching, and it is already working with companies such as Just Eat, Uber Eat, and alike.

The project seems worth holding onto, as it is bound to be successful. Not only is it going to offer highly sought-after content, but it is also a decentralized streaming platform. With the world making more and more serious steps towards decentralization, platforms like this are likely the future of the internet. In fact, Vabble could become a go-to SVOD platform for Web 3.0.

What is Vabble about?

As mentioned, Vabble is a streaming platform. However, it is not like any streaming platform that you have encountered before. This one offers an interactive streaming experience, it fights against censorship and geo-restrictions, and it is fully decentralized, meaning that no single entity controls it.

It was built for freedom of speech, it plans to host entire libraries of movies and films, documentaries and shows, and much more. In truth, it aims to redefine the standard revenue-sharing models with its own native crypto, VAB.

On top of that, the platform also aims to democratize investing in films through governance. This can be done by allowing users to invest from small to large budgets, and enabling everyone — regardless of their financial status — to become a part of this exciting emerging industry.

Vabble will allow tipping and crypto referrals so that users can reward their favorite creators and their work. It will offer exclusive content, meaning that you will be able to find things that aren’t available anywhere else. The content will be curated, of course, but not filtered in accordance with any political agenda. Viewers will simply be given the content, and they will be the judge of whether it is good, bad, funny, or whatever else it might be.

As mentioned, there will be co-watching that will work through invitations, and every piece of content will have its own chat, for users to comment on the content while they are watching, and hear the thoughts of other fans.

With Vabble, filmmakers will be able to find their audience, as well as funding, with no agendas, marketability requirements, and alike. Viewers and even investors will have a platform that will let them fund films, as well as Vabble-exclusive content, and in doing so, participate in creating something new and unique.  And, of course, investors will get rewarded via profit sharing, exclusive content, and even NFTs.