UniMex to List an Adult Industry Token CumRocket Crypto for Margin Trading

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UniMex to List an Adult Industry Token CumRocket Crypto for Margin Trading

May 20 2021

In brief

  • UniMex is a popular DeFi token based on Uniswap, which revolutionized DeFi by providing trading with leverage.
  • The project has already attracted many tokens from the DeFi sector, and now, it will list its first adult crypto.
  • The new token, known as CUMMIES, will be listed in coming days, allowing users to go long or short.

A recent tweet revealed that decentralized margin trading protocol UniMex is about to add support for an adult token CumRocket Crypto, and allow users to trade it with leverage.

Cryptocurrency and blockchain have the potential to disrupt pretty much any other industry out there, but it should be noted that many of them are either resisting or hesitating when it comes to switching to these emerging financial technologies.

But, with that said, there have always been several industries that welcomed crypto with open arms, jumping on any opportunity to adopt and promote digital currencies. One example is the gaming industry, which recognized the potential of crypto when it comes to microtransactions and issuing digital collectibles. Another industry that uses crypto in a similar way is the adult industry.

This is not surprising, given that the adult industry and crypto always shared a certain set of values, with anonymity being at the very top. In fact, pornography websites were among the first to start offering crypto payments for premium content. As this relationship continued to progress, it wasn’t long before the adult industry started launching its own, private tokens, such as CumRocket Crypto (CUMMIES).

In fact, this very token is about to be listed on UniMex, where it will become available for margin trading.

UniMex to list CumRocket Token

The announcement of the new token being listed actually came only yesterday, May 19th, via Twitter. It was not posted by UniMex itself, but the project did confirm it by retweeting it.

CumRocket Crypto is currently holding an NFT sale, where NFTs represent certain toy boxes. As it would appear, there are 5 different boxes, all available in the form of NFTs, and all of them have been listed under the official category of the CumRocket marketplace.

The project stated that buying even one of them would mean donating to its community marketing fund, as it is expected that the sale of all NFTs will result in over $20,000, all of which will go straight to marketing for the project. Through marketing, the project will increase exposure, and likely the number of users, demand, and eventually, its price. Speaking of price, currently, it is at $0.0608, and the project has a market cap of $83.3 million, which is not a lot, but it is still a growing and developing project that is still only gathering its community and starting to spread the word.

More than that, the sale will also be followed by several important events for the project. First things first, its own decentralized exchange CumSwap DEX, will be launched before the end of the week.

Next, the project also said that DigiFinex listing integrations have started. And, lastly, the project will be available on UniMex, where users can go long or short, and trade CUMMIES with leverage.

As for UniMex, the decentralized margin trading protocol recently managed to complete its last goal from the original roadmap, which speaks volumes of its own progress and rapid development in the DeFi sector. By listing emerging tokens, the project is also increasing its own use and popularity among traders, particularly now, as bulls and bears continue to fight over the market prices.