UniMex Finally Launched the Long Anticipated V2

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UniMex Finally Launched the Long Anticipated V2

May 27 2021

In brief

  • Uniswap-based decentralized protocol UniMex just launched v2 after weeks of anticipation.
  • The launch was announced via Twitter on May 16th, and a number of benefits became available instantly.
  • UniMex allowed stablecoin trading/deposits, ETH/BSC switch/toggle, and spot trading instantly possible.

DeFi protocol UniMex, just launched UniMex v2, which was highly anticipated for weeks, if not months, thus completing the original roadmap and introducing many new features.

UniMex, the decentralized finance (DeFi) protocol that introduced decentralized margin trading to the crypto industry, has had only a few major goals on its roadmap since its launch. Most of them were achieved over the last three quarters, with the last and final one being the launch of v2 of its platform, scheduled to happen at some point in the second quarter of 2021.

On May 16th, the project stated that it is proud to announce that V2 is now finally ready to be presented to the community.

While the documents regarding the new version have yet to be presented, the features have already been made available for traders who enjoy trading with leverage. According to UniMex’s recent tweet, stablecoin trading and deposits were made available immediately after launch, and so was the ability to switch/toggle between Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain networks. In addition, spot trading was also made available immediately.

The project further announced that branding pieces and promotional videos will start dropping at some point this week, in addition to six-figure trading comp.

The community, while excited for version 2, already started asking around for version 3, to which UniMex responded by noting that v2 is the current biggest achievement and that v3 will be reverse-engineered soon, which will allow the platform users to use both. They also noted that the trust wallet already works on some devices, while it will launch for all of them later this month.

What else is there to know?

The project also used Telegram to announce a few upcoming features, such as the launch of farm.space phase 2, and many branding pieces and educational content, most of which will be coming out over the next two weeks. Regarding farm.space, the project announced about a month ago that it is nearing the end of phase 1 distribution and that it will then start preparing for the launch of phase 2, with WBNB and stablecoin rewards.

Well, it would appear that all the smaller moves and developments have been dealt with over the past several weeks and that the launch of phase 2 is now almost ready.

As for the v2 itself, it will allow users to trade with BUSD, WBNB, USDC, and WETH. It will also provide native token dividends for lenders with new contracts, meaning that someone lending BUSD will receive BUSD dividends, while SPACE lenders will get SPACE dividends. The same goes for UMX and DGN, of course, where each token that is being lent will bring back dividends in that same token.