UniMex Announces a New Batch of Upcoming Developments

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UniMex Announces a New Batch of Upcoming Developments

Jun 15 2021

In brief

  • UniMex is a DeFi protocol that brought decentralized margin trading to DeFi.
  • The project has been announcing new developments almost on a weekly basis now, for quite some time.
  • Over the past weekend, the project revealed a number of new developments that are ‘coming soon.’

UniMex, an interconnected ecosystem of DeFi applications that is responsible for bringing decentralized margin trading, announced a number of upcoming moves and developments.

UniMex, a DeFi protocol for decentralized trading with leverage, has been announcing numerous moves over the past several weeks. It published new pairs, documentation regarding its ecosystem, and it even listed an adult industry token recently.

So, with the new week starting, the project also announced a new batch of upcoming developments. The new announcement did have a slight impact on the project’s native token, UMX, although the growth from $0.71 to $0.76 that it caused quickly got nullified in a correction.

What New Developments Can the Community Expect?

So, according to UniMex, the project’s team has been working flat out, and the results of their efforts will soon be evident to everyone. They announced that one of the upcoming moves will be USDC deposits, which are soon to be enabled. Obviously, this will allow users to quickly move to and from the stablecoin, but also to quickly invest in other various assets paired against the USD Coin.

Next, the project also announced that it will soon release Polygon, previously known as Matic Network. This is a project that aims to transform ethereum into a multi-chain ecosystem with secured L2 chains and standalone chains alike. In other words, UniMex is going to become one of the strings in the web that the Ethereum ecosystem is becoming, which is exciting news for pretty much everyone who appreciates Ethereum’s ecosystem and wishes to trade with leverage within it.

As previously mentioned, UniMex released a large bunch of documents detailing how things work in its ecosystem, defining them for what they are, and generally explaining how everything fits in. Now, it will continue with the efforts to educate the community by releasing tutorial trading videos, which will be useful to anyone who wonders how decentralized margin trading actually works in practice.

Also, with the growing number of novice traders and investors, these videos will also educate them on how to properly use the platform’s systems.

And, speaking of trading with leverage — UniMex has listened to the community that requested higher leverage, and it plans to deliver that very soon, as well. This has been a work in progress for quite some time, and the project is doing its best to increase the leverage as much as possible for more ambitious traders who do not mind the extra risk. However, as always, novice traders should stay clear of this feature until they are sure that they know what they are doing.

UniMex also listened to the community when it comes to the number of supported tokens, which is why it now announced that more of them are in the pipeline. It did not specify which tokens might be next to arrive, but it is still exciting to know that new ones are on their way.

Lastly, the project announced the upcoming trading competition, which will undoubtedly bring new opportunities for many of its community members. Like with the new tokens, it did not give away any details as of yet, but it is likely to start revealing more and more as days go by, so users should keep a close eye.

UniMex did not give a specific timetable regarding any of the new developments, so nobody knows when specific things from the list might happen. However, it did note that many of these should be completed by next month, so the next few weeks are likely to be rich with development.