UniMex Announces New Additions to Its Website — Pairs, Documentation, and Increased Leverage

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UniMex Announces New Additions to Its Website — Pairs, Documentation, and Increased Leverage

Jun 1 2021

In brief

  • DeFi protocol that helped DEXes truly rival centralized exchanges, UniMex, has done a bit of updating.
  • According to its recent tweet, the project now offers greater leverage, and its margin trading now supports more pairs.
  • The project also worked on its documentation, updating it and adding new guides and explanations to its knowledge base.

UniMex recently announced adding a lot of new content to its website, including greater leverage, new trading pairs, and a lot of documentation.

UniMex is undoubtedly one of the most important DeFi projects out there right now. Not only is it a professional and user-friendly project that enriches the DeFi sector and allows users to earn, but it is also the one that brought decentralized margin trading on DEXes, which was an unsolvable issue before it came along.

For these achievements, it is a project that the industry is keeping a close eye on, following every announcement and move it makes. With that said, the project recently made some important moves, which brought excitement to its community.

UniMex Announces New Pairs, Leverage, and Documents

According to its recent announcements on Twitter, the project has recently decided to expand its trading pairs available for trading with leverage.

As some may know, one of the rules that UniMex had when it launched was that only ERC-20 tokens paired against ETH can be traded with leverage.

ERC20-ERC20 pairs were not supported, in order to prevent the abuse of the system and market manipulations. So, when UniMex announced that it has added many more trading pairs, the community was more than happy with this development. The rule mentioned above still stands, of course, but the arrival of new pairs is certainly something that every trader appreciates.

In addition to new pairs, UniMex also announced that it will deploy an update that will increase trading with leverage. The move was expected for some time by certain members of the community, but most of them are undoubtedly glad to see it come sooner, rather than later. Essentially, UniMex is growing, expanding, and building its presence and platform one brick at a time.

Lastly, the project announced that its platform now features full documentation. This is important, as trading with leverage can be complicated and risky, as well as rewarding. And, with the crypto industry now being full of newcomers who came due to the price surge, many might be interested in accessing trading with leverage via UniMex.

They need to know what to do, how to do it, and other important details regarding the platform in order not to lose money, but also in order to realize the risks and the gravity of the situation that everyone who engages in margin trading will find themselves in. Furthermore, since UniMex is currently the only project offering decentralized margin trading, such information cannot be found anywhere else. This makes it even more important for UniMex to be the one to explain the process.

Its complete documentation can be found here, and it contains five segments, including:

  • What is UniMex?
  • Tutorials
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Tokenomics
  • UniMex Protocol Documentation

Each of these segments consists of several smaller ones that explain everything about the platform in great detail, thus increasing its knowledge base and giving its users the necessary learning materials.