UniDex Adds Limit Orders Support for SpiritSwap

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UniDex Adds Limit Orders Support for SpiritSwap

May 26 2021

In brief

  • SpiritSwap is a protocol that adds incentives for Fantom network participants that uses AMM for introducing revenue sharing.
  • The project recently announced that UniDex recently introduced limit orders for its token, SPIRIT.
  • UniDex confirmed the listing by sharing SpiritSwap’s own announcement, thus bringing attention to the newly-supported asset.

Recently, UniDex announced that it re-enabled FTM limit orders and launched Polygon limit orders, plus adding support for countless new projects, including SpiritSwap.

Some time ago, UniDex Finance — which aims to become the ultimate decentralized trading terminal for DeFi projects, and was designed to aggregate all markets for futures, swaps, options, and other financial instruments — started bringing limit orders. The limit orders were introduced for Fantom and Polygon networks, and numerous projects launched on them.

In fact, at one point, UniDex revealed that their first beta launch day for FTM limit orders was excellent and that the project was flooded with requests and transactions. FTM limit orders were eventually re-enabled across all of the project’s integrated AMMs, and users could join up and test the system with no more than a penny if they didn’t want to take unnecessary risks.

The limit orders stood up by being extremely fast, and UniDex also announced that it has been the only place to offer limit orders for any chain or DEX during the market dip. As such, it has proven itself to be reliable and that it had its customers covered no matter what network they traded on or what the market conditions may be.

It continued adding support for new projects, one of which ended up being the SpiritSwap protocol.

How does SpiritSwap fit in?

The SpiritSwap protocol is a project that provides incentives for participants on Fantom network — one of several networks supported by UniDex. The incentives come through the introduction of revenue sharing via the classic AMM model. Essentially, SpiritSwap offers a platform for farming, staking, trading, and alike, offering access to the true DeFi experience.

Of course, this is still only the beginning for the young protocol, which has great plans for the future. For now, however, SpiritSwap got limit orders available on UniDex finance, which is slowly but surely becoming the best terminal not only for Fantom, but also Polygon, Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain (BSC), and in the near future, supposedly also Solana, Polkadot, and others.

The project is basically open to supporting and working with any system that has good TVL, more than willing to aggregate its exchanges to give users the best prices for their trades. The project can easily be considered a hidden gem of DeFi, although it is becoming less and less hidden with every day of new developments and advances of other kinds.

The project also ran into an unexpected opportunity recently. Just as it added limit orders, the crypto market started seeing a significant price drop which, of course, reflected on DeFi, as well. UniDex had the chance to show its support and loyalty to its users by being available during this uncertain time, which saw over 200 limit orders made and executed on FTM and MATIC for the market dip.

As mentioned, it was the only place to offer limit orders for ANY chain or decentralized exchange, proving once and for all to its community that it can be counted on, and that it has the community members’ backs.