UniDex Offers Extremely Fast Limit Orders Thanks to Polygon

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UniDex Offers Extremely Fast Limit Orders Thanks to Polygon

May 19 2021

In brief

  • UniDex trading platform recently exploded with popularity, attracting major amounts of attention.
  • The project held an initial launch of its FTM limit orders only about a week ago, on multiple AMMs without requiring takers.
  • The project is particularly proud of the speed and ease of use of its new product, as setting up an order is faster than Ethereum confirmation.

UniDex, a decentralized trading platform designed to aggregate every and all markets for options, futures, swaps, and other financial instruments, recently launched limit orders on Polygon.

The crypto market experienced a rough patch recently, as the prices started to drop rather rapidly over the last ten days or so. The new price move caused mass sell-offs, which further knocked down the prices of digital currencies.

During this time, DeFi trading terminal, UniDex, claimed to be the only place that offered limit orders for any chain or DEX out there. The platform is rather proud of this, as it had its users covered no matter the network they trade on, and during a very difficult period in the crypto industry.

Polygon limit orders recently went live at the polygon.unidexbeta.app, according to a recent twitter announcement.

As such, it allowed users to trade aggregated limit orders on Polygon by using SushiSwap, Cometh, QuickSwap, and Polyzap, among others. More than that, the project also announced that limit orders became available on Fantom, Ethereum, BSC, and Polygon itself.

UniDex’s limit orders are quite a new feature, as mentioned, enabled by its partnership with Polygon (previously Matic) Network. As such, they are extremely fast, and the project even claims that it is faster to set up a limit order on Fantom with UniDex than to do an Ethereum confirmation.

But, despite their benefits, UniDex urged users to remember that the orders are still in beta, and they should be careful when trading any larger amounts of money. The project did its part in allowing users to test the systems safely by making it possible to conduct tests with as little as a single penny. Since the roll-out of the limit orders, the team continued testing, improving, and expanding the reach of the orders, and the simplicity and speed of the process is undoubtedly the most impressive aspect of it. It certainly seems like the aspect that the project is the most proud of.

The increased speed of the limit orders is only the next step in improving the quality of its already excellent service. UniDex is a young project, but it has been growing faster and faster with every day of its existence. It particularly exploded back in April, when it brought a small upgrade that reduced the gas costs by as much as 4%-6%. This made its gas costs lower than those of Uniswap, which gave the young trading platform a major edge against its well-established competitor.

UniDex offers more than just crypto, too, as it acts as a trading platform and aggregator for options, swaps, NFTs, lending, stocks, perpetual contracts, and more. All of this, in addition to new features and improvements to existing ones, started attracting massive amounts of attention to it, allowing it to continue its growth and expansion even further.