UniDex is Back with a New Series of Upgrades and Features

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UniDex is Back with a New Series of Upgrades and Features

Jun 18 2021

In brief

  • UniDex is a growing trading platform with hundreds of liquidity sources and numerous aggregators.
  • The platform recently announced a number of new improvements to its platform that are coming out now, in mid-June.
  • Many of the new features are already out, while some will arrive in days and weeks to come.

UniDex, a trading platform and aggregator for various assets, recently announced a variety of new updates and features that are coming out these days.

UniDex is a rapidly growing cross-chain trading platform and aggregator for lending, swaps, NFTs, stocks, and many other assets, whose goal is to ensure that its users would never have to worry about liquidity again. So far, the platform has created a very efficient ecosystem, but as with most projects, it always seeks to add more and improve the things that it already has.

The project recently announced a number of new improvements on its Telegram (UniDex Announcements).

What is new in the UniDex ecosystem?

To start its announcement, UniDex pointed out to those who may not have noticed that its alpha build of the new user interface is already deployed. It also reminded users that the developers’ plans for pushing alpha into beta are also explained and that users can learn more about them and read up in detail what the plan of action is.

However, it also summarized the plans for the future by saying that it will offer more and more features in days to come. Some are available already, while others will become available in the near future, depending on the functionality.

Basically, the project wants to make sure that all of its products and features are functional, properly tested, and free of bugs, which is commendable, but it might take some time, depending on different factors, such as urgency, the complexity of code, and alike.

The announcement was published on June 8th, and the project said that, by the end of the day, its users will already see a number of functionalities enabled and ready to be used. That included things like limit orders on any chain, and the ability to instantly switch between chains.

Next, June 8th also brought an in-app notification system, the ability to place limit orders directly from the token list for greater convenience, charting on ETH, based on output token, and lastly — mobile trading.

Charting on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) followed soon after that, becoming available on the very next day (June 9th). Alongside BSC charting, UniDex also enabled support for any token on the same day, and it added some tweaks to improve mobile responsiveness.

Lastly, the project listed a number of additional goals and features that will become available later in the same week, or in week(s) to come. These include the polished UI, enabling the trading table, additional information related to users’ orders, asset information, and removing the need for wallet connect.

At this time, UniDex has over $40 billion in instantly accessible liquidity, with over 75 liquidity sources, and more than 200 DeFi integrations. The project is advancing and developing at a massive pace, and these new developments are likely to continue attracting new users and partners, enabling even greater growth.