UniDex Announces UniDex API and UniDex Forge for Easy Partnerships and Integrations

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UniDex Announces UniDex API and UniDex Forge for Easy Partnerships and Integrations

Jun 2 2021

In brief

  • UniDex is a young but highly reliable DeFi trading terminal designed to aggregate all markets for a variety of financial instruments.
  • Recently, the projecta announced the launch of two new products that will help it expand its list of partners and users.
  • One of them is UniDex API, that makes integrations easier, while the other is UniDex Forge for easy partnerships.

UniDex recently introduced two new products — UniDex API and UniDex Forge — which will make it much easier to partner with the project and integrate it.

A few days ago, UniDex, the world’s most advanced DeFi trading terminal, introduced two new products — UniDex API and UniDex Forge. The announcement came via Twitter, and the project also published a Medium post explaining what the features do.

What are UniDex API and Forge?

According to the project’s announcement, these are essentially two different programs that developers and other DeFi protocols can use to build on UniDex’s ecosystem. The project believes that doing so will be beneficial for all the involved communities.

UniDex basically provides a very personalized trading experience, and it has a strong backbone trading engine. Its swap aggregation is unrivaled in the DeFi ecosystem already, but the project still isn’t satisfied with what it achieved, and it wishes to expand further.

UniDex API is the first step towards reaching out. The project plans to offer it for other AMMs to use for quick and simple addition of limit orders to their platform. UniDex’s limit orders were introduced fairly recently, but they have become an instant hit in the DeFi sector, and ever since then, everyone wanted to participate. UniDex API will make it possible, and it will make it available for more chains as they come by.

So far, the project is already partnered with several chains, and it extends to Ethereum, BSC, Fantom Opera Network, and Polygon (MATIC) Network.

Additional networks are also going to be added, including Polkadot moonbeam layer, and Avalanche, although the project did not specify when this might be possible.

As for UniDex Forge, it is a partner program that will solve some of the hurdles that come with building a fluid and expandable UI. The project has had a lot of experience here, and it realized that hiring front-end developers can be expensive. Not to mention that there is way too much time that projects have to spend working in the backend, which could hinder the process in other areas.

With UniDex Forge, protocols can co-launch under the UniDex platform in a variety of ways that will save time and money. They can also co-launch through the project’s API, and application granting volume for UniDex and its holders. That way, protocols can focus on creating smart contracts and superior financial systems, take care of the details, and alike, without having to spend too much time on complex parts that can be solved rather easily through the partnership with the project.

The project is currently still working on both features, but it said that it is eager to share more details about how they will work and how the development progresses very soon.