Spellfire Connects to BSC Through ChainPort, Establishes Interoperability

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Spellfire Connects to BSC Through ChainPort, Establishes Interoperability

Mar 1 2022

In brief

  • A popular NFT-based collectible card game, Spellfire, recently made a major announcement.
  • The company revealed via Twitter that it managed to establish cross-chain interoperability.
  • Through its partnership with ChainPort, the project managed to connect to the Binance Smart Chain.

Spellfire, the growing collectible card game of The Past, The Present, and The Future, that utilizes NFTs to bring value and true ownership of cards and assets to its users, recently made a very important announcement.

The project has been announcing significant partnerships for a while, but, as of February 7th, the project managed to connect to Binance Smart Chain through ChainPort, which grants it cross-chain interoperability.

According to the project’s announcement, the partnership with BSC will enable Spellfire to start delivering on their goal of providing the players with an open and easy-to-use platform for owning NFT cards and playing the project’s game with them. Not only that, but these cards will soon be minted on various blockchains, all of which represents a major step for the company.

The announcement was followed by a Medium post in which the project said that the community can expect a lot more major developments in the future, including metaverse integrations, important backer reveals, huge partnerships, sneak peeks behind the scenes, game leaks, new token utility, and more.

The project encouraged users to use the opportunity to fill their pockets with $SPELLFIRE, as its current price “is probably the lowest price you will ever see.”

About Spellfire

As mentioned, Spellfire is a card game that claims to be bringing 30 years of history to the blockchain. At the same time, it aims to connect three separate realities together — the physical, the digital, and the augmented.

The game aims to combine the best elements of physical and digital card games in order to offer genuinely unique, and above all, fun experiences. In doing so, it hopes to push the boundaries of modern technology and game design alike.

In the game itself, there are five magical worlds to explore and rule. Those include Blood Birth, Wet Deserts, Holy Deadlands, Frozen Fire, and Flaming Waters. Blood Birth is a world of strange shapeshifting creatures, artifacts, champions, all bounded by divine blood. Wet Deserts offers a world of murky swamps and rainy amazonian forests filled with beasts that were never seen before. Once a dusty desert, this world has seen a major change that turned it into what it is now.

Next, the project offers a world of shadowy lands that were overtaken by darkness for ages. However, when all hope was lost, the light returned and restored the balance. This is the world of Holy Deadlands, which is thriving again thanks to the light’s return.

Finally, the last two worlds are Frozen fire and Flaming Waters. Frozen Fire is the world in which horrific storms and deadly frost constantly bombard the land, even managing to capture the fire that is attempting to burn in this world. On the other hand, Flaming Waters is the world in which the water is flammable, and the races that populate this place — elves, trolls, orcs, vampires, and werebeasts — have to thread carefully while maintaining a deceptive peace.