SmartSwap Exchange Starts Private Mainnet Testing for SPs Two Weeks Ahead of Estimates

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SmartSwap Exchange Starts Private Mainnet Testing for SPs Two Weeks Ahead of Estimates

Nov 10 2021

In brief

  • SmartSwap exchange is the first of its kind — an SDEX with zero-slippage, offering cross-chain swaps with a single click.
  • The platform has seen a lot of development in 2021, even launching a mainnet earlier this year and already has $1.1M swapped through the p2p platform.
  • Now, it managed to start the next stage of its platform’s development, and to do it 2 weeks ahead of schedule.

SmartSwap Exchange recently announced that its private mainnet testing for Swap Providers (SPs) is moving ahead of schedule, and that it is already underway 2 weeks early.

SmartSwap Exchange is the world’s leading smart decentralized exchange platform and protocol, allowing users to benefit from slippage-free cross-chain swaps that can be done with a single click.

SmartSwap moves ahead of schedule

Earlier this year, in May, the exchange announced that it managed to launch its mainnet in beta, which was actually done at the exact time when the project’s roadmap predicted it would. This brought a lot of confidence regarding the exchange and its team, as they proved that they are serious, capable, and that they deliver on their promises.

With that in mind, the exchange now managed to positively surprise the community yet again, this time by being so productive that it actually achieved one of its milestones two weeks ahead of schedule. The milestone in question is the start of private mainnet testing for SPs (Swap Providers) with partial orders, which has been underway for over 10 days now.

At this point in time, it seems that SMART will be launching before EOY, which is an extremely positive and promising development that could very well be worth the wait. There is no doubt that the project is eager to reward the community’s patience and support, and its team members are definitely doing it by being as productive as possible, now moving ahead of schedule.

Another welcomed development, is SmartSwap’s sister project, DegenSwap is now live with it’s cross-chain aggregator on mainnet and launches their DEGEN token November 15. The DEGEN launch gives SMART holders an opportunity to see ahead of time, the correlated business model in action, the updated bSWAP with circuit breakers, and the PDO.

What is SmartSwap?

As mentioned, SmartSwap is the first smart decentralized exchange (SDEX) in the world, and it provides single-click, slippage-free, cross-chain swaps. The platform also offers a number of other advantages, such as a zero volatility process, that ensures that its users will always get what they signed up for.

Of course, volatility is present in all markets, but in the crypto industry, it is still way off the charts. That means that any advantage against it will be extremely appreciated by the crypto community, which is all too familiar with its trade orders not being fulfilled as projected due to the trading pairs’ sudden price changes. And, with these changes sometimes being extremely big and happening in mere seconds, there are always risks when it comes to trading crypto.

SmartSwap also improves safety, by eliminating every risky element from the program — including hot wallets and deposits, custodial funds, and more. Not to mention that traders get their fees and gas reimbursed to them in full. Lastly, all of it is 100% scalable, decentralized, and anonymous, in the true spirit of crypto.

All of this makes SmartSwap one of the exchanges with the greatest promise to be the dominant force of the future of the DeFi sector, and potentially outperform even some of the leading giants among DEXes. For now, however, the platform’s team continues to work on development, which is, evidently, progressing rather well for the time being.