SmartSwap’s Beta Mainnet Is Now Online

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SmartSwap’s Beta Mainnet Is Now Online

May 24 2021

In brief

  • The long-awaited beta Mainnet version of SmartSwap is finally online.
  • The platform provides one-click cryptocurrency trading for its users.
  • The platform includes the $SMART token that enables no slippage swaps on each transaction.

SmartSwap’s team launches the Mainnet’s beta version, thus keeping on par with the project’s original roadmap.

What is SmartSwap?

SmartSwap is the world’s premier smart decentralized exchange (SDEX) platform and protocol. Its users can benefit from the advantage of a single-click slippage-free cross-chain swap.

It’s not just about the single-click advantage.

The platform’s way uses a zero volatility process (patent is pending) that ensures that you get what you signed up for. This is important in every market, but in the cryptocurrency trade, where prices can fluctuate erratically in very short times, it’s not rare for traders to find that their trade order was not fulfilled as projected because the trading pair’s price changed so much even in the few seconds or minutes in which the trade was in the air.

Other features in this novel exchange include trade without wraps, side-chains or light chains, validators. It’s a completely true one-click swap among the blockchains involved in each trade.

Also, the value you put in trade is matched by the tokens you receive because there is no slippage. Safety is improved in SmartSwap because there are no hot wallets, deposits, accounts, or custodial funds. Your fees and gas are reimbursed to you in full, and it’s 100% anonymous and scalable. And, of course, as it must always be in the cryptosphere, it’s 100% decentralized.

The Beta Mainnet Is Up

The project has kept its roadmap plans remarkably well for blockchain projects in which release and launch dates are so often so far behind the intended times.

The launch of the Beta Mainnet was scheduled even from the original roadmap to be around these days, and the developing team delivered the new network in time –in the Q2 of the current year.

The total liquidity philosophy that drives SmartSwap is an exciting feature that you can hardly find in any other platform. Other DEXes maximize liquidity by performing parallel simultaneous trades over a range of other DEXes or CEXes. This clever way of trading consolidates the deficient liquidity of smaller markets to become a much higher one in the parallel trade. But SmartSwap’s approach is different and more powerful.

Another innovation is in the reimbursement of all gas and similar trading expenses to the users. Gas can be costly at the times in which the Ethereum network becomes loaded with work. We’ve seen it go as high as 50 USD per operation at times. That, of course, can ruin any trader’s profit. SmartSwap does away with this serious problem.

The project’s marketing team encourages users and potential traders to think about the SDEX as the crypto version of PayPal. Simple, powerful, cheap, and one-click. If the platform’s performance keeps up with its promises, it is sure to revolutionize cryptocurrency trading soon.