SIDUS NFT Heroes Reports a 2,500% Surge in Demand for Its Genesis Collection

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SIDUS NFT Heroes Reports a 2,500% Surge in Demand for Its Genesis Collection

Dec 4 2021

In brief

  • SIDUS HEROES is an upcoming game that allows players to buy a Hero and go exploring through their world.
  • Every Hero is unique, formed by randomly combining various physical traits to achieve a look that’s exclusive to each.
  • The game brings a lot of benefits, including the chance to make passive income from certain activities.

Sidus NFT Heroes just reported that its Genesis collection saw a 2500% surge as the popularity of the game that has yet to come out continues to increase.

With 2021 being the year of NFT, new and exciting projects keep springing out of the ground. Many of the current NFT hits are actually NFT-based games, which appear to be the new focus for this sector of the crypto industry.

In fact, one of the latest examples of this is a project called SIDUS NFT Heroes. The demand for its Genesis NFT collection has just recently shot through the roof.

SIDUS Genesis collection skyrockets

According to a recent Twitter announcement, market demand for NFTs belonging to the SIDUS Genesis collection soared by 2,500% on the OpenSea NFT marketplace. The collection comes with a variety of use cases, allowing every holder to claim their unique Hero for the upcoming AAA-level game known as SIDUS HEROES.

The used NFTs from the initial collection, known as Genesis, can be re-used for staking, launchpad activities and for accessing a number of other benefits.

The collection consists of 6,000 NFTs, each of which is a unique work of art, where every Hero is randomly generated from thousands of visual attributes. Every single one of these attributes was hand-crafted and all fit together rather well, making each Hero feel special. There are no two identical Heroes out there and the collection consists of Heroes with 3 different levels of rarity — Original, Rare and Legendary.

With the NFTs already generating this amount of interest, it will be rather interesting to see how high the demand goes after the game launches in full.


SIDUS HEROES is an MMORPG game based on the NFTs and the Play-to-Earn model. The game is already challenging AAA-level games with its size, complexity and a variety of fresh experiences that are made possible by basing the game on blockchain.

The game does adopt some traditional NFT gaming components, such as tokenization of in-game items (turning them into NFTs) and having a DAO community. However, the game does a lot more than just that.

In terms of gameplay, SIDUS HEROES is an online multiplayer RPG game that is set in a universe featuring 12 playable races. The local Heroes have fused biology with technology and every race represents one blockchain that’s popular in the industry. The entire project is rather futuristic, offering an amazing blockchain journey filled with adventures and opportunities.

SIDUS HEROES offers excellent features that are designed to bring the community together – training and rising through the ranks together, even fighting together via the multiplayer feature. Of course, the universe itself is quite chaotic and requires players to be attentive, coercing them into a bit of a survival experience. They will have to farm for resources, craft, build and develop their corner of the universe, and so carve out their own existence.

Those who enjoy politics in their games will find plenty here to keep them interested as the universe will be brimming with political activities and opportunities. Heroes can get elected and represent their race, lobby their interest and discuss why certain ideas are good or bad. Users can even find an animal they like and raise it to be their ultimate companion who follows them on adventures and in battle. And, of course, the ability to exchange and trade items and such like are certainly part of the experience.

The fact that players can create their own spaceships and go explore the universe is part of why this game has great potential to be one of the better metaverse projects out there. Metaverses are already blowing up at rapid speed, although most believe that they will go a lot further in 2022 and beyond.

So, in a game with space exploration, unique NFT-based Heroes and everything else mentioned above, the game certainly has great potential to attract new players and not only that, draw new users into blockchain itself.