SIDUS HEROES Hits a New Milestone: Over 11,000 Battles Completed

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SIDUS HEROES Hits a New Milestone: Over 11,000 Battles Completed

Feb 5 2022

In brief

  • SIDUS HEROES reached a new milestone on January 17th – 11,000 battles have been recorded.
  • The blockchain-based NFT game is constantly undergoing new upgrades and improvements to make the game more balanced.
  • The developers posted a summary with 6 major changes that will make the players’ experience more rewarding than ever.

SIDUS HEROES also adjusted the in-game weapons. Now, thanks to the new changes, the weapons will grant the players’ Heroes more tactical capabilities, so figuring out your approach to battles will become more important than ever.

Blockchain gaming is taking off and projects like SIDUS HEROES are blowing up as a result. Thanks to the explosion of NFTs and the metaverse, many in the gaming community are now looking at blockchain-based games for their innovation, ingenuity, great gaming experience, early mover adoption and perhaps most importantly — the ability to earn while playing games.

In fact, SIDUS is a great example of this revolution.. According to a Tweet that was published on January 17th 2022, SIDUS HEROES has recorded over 11,000 completed battles. Given how young the game is, this indicates a huge interest!

Of course, with games like this, the developers are constantly introducing improvements to make the game even better and more rewarding, by adding new characters for instance. The SIDUS team is using this opportunity to summarize all their new features.

What’s new in SIDUS HEROES?

The SIDUS team is thrilled with reaching this new milestone and is extremely grateful for its community’s support and interest. In their blog post, they give a summary of the recent developments. The team is also staying in regular contact with the community and is listening to all the comments and suggestions.

As a taste of the latest enhancements, players can now reset their Heroes’ Skill Points and try out different approaches and  tactics, allowing them to explore the range of fighting mechanics on offer.

Next, they also adjusted the Experience Points system so that every Hero can gain the maximum amount of XP if they win a fight. Players should also notice improvements in the opponent matching mechanism, which will now match players based on the number of Heroes per team.

SIDUS was looking for a new way to motivate the first players to stick around and explore the game. To that end, they have decided to increase the Vesting Box rewards. Now, players will receive 3 times more SIDUS tokens than before, which is quite an incentive for staying and playing the game some more.

The project also decided to work a bit on balancing out the way players receive Energy for skipping their turn. From now on, those who skip their turn will get 3 Energy Points, which will allow them to recover their energy significantly faster.

Apart from the mentioned changes, the project also said that it wishes to draw players’ attention to the fact that special items from the Silver Tesseracts are crucial for Hero, armor and weapon upgrades. Both Gold and Silver Tesseracts provide building materials and special items that are critical for the construction of a shipyard, which needs to be in place before space shuttles can be built. The same is true for bio-labs where new Heroes will be created.


With the 11k battles milestone reached, SIDUS is continuing its work on making its game more balanced, better equipped and generally more fun to play. The new upgrades show that the team is listening to its community and cares about providing it with the best possible experience and making it as rewarding as they can for new and old players alike.