SIDUS HEROES Announces Its Expansion onto Polygon

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SIDUS HEROES Announces Its Expansion onto Polygon

Feb 18 2022

In brief

  • SIDUS HEROES, a popular blockchain-based NFT game built on Ethereum, will be expanding onto the Polygon network.
  • The SIDUS project was given a grant that will be used for funding the research and implementation of new gaming solutions.
  • Moving forward, SIDUS wishes to expand onto as many new blockchains as possible, thereby expanding its community.

The project partnered with Polygon (MATIC) and the team-up is marked by a grant that will allow SIDUS to develop on Polygon’s network.

SIDUS HEROES, a futuristic, P2E, NFT and MMORPG based on blockchain technology recently announced a major ecosystem development initiative. The project has partnered with Polygon (MATIC) and is sealing the deal with a grant that will allow SIDUS to develop on the Polygon network.

As a result, SIDUS will be able to investigate and implement new gaming solutions for Polygon’s ecosystem. Furthermore, the grant will be particularly helpful for conducting research and implementing gaming and profit-making solutions within the Polygon ecosystem.

SIDUS comes to the Polygon Network

According to SIDUS’ blog post, its GameFi project is continuing to develop rather rapidly. Along the way, prospects for expansion into new blockchain ecosystems are opening up, with Polygon being the first of many. This is an exciting time for everyone involved as it marks the beginning of a new stage in the project’s history and paves the way to new opportunities, not only for the project but the community as well.

SIDUS HEROES is a rather large gaming project, which means it requires strong connections and reliable, technologically capable partners for proper technical optimization. Fortunately, the team did not limit the game to a single blockchain as that would be a threat to its future. The SIDUS team understood this early on, so while it was setting up the project, it made the necessary provisions for eventual expansion onto other networks.

At the same time, it sought partnerships with different blockchains that seemed likely to satisfy the project’s requirements. Polygon was an obvious choice for several reasons. Not only was it created on the basis of Ethereum, it has also become one of the industry’s leaders and has successfully overtaken its parent network in terms of its wallet address count.

Polygon found the project very interesting

The Polygon network finds the project rather interesting and worthy of a grant aimed at research and implementation of new solutions for its network. SIDUS will also attempt to evaluate the time and labor costs of entering the network and will explore the kinds of DeFi opportunities that might emerge for its growing community.

The project’s CEO, Dan Khomenko, said that while the project is based on Ethereum, this is not enough to sustain its development. He added that the team initially considered using a multi-chain solution and cross-chain bridges, though for now, it is working on scaling the project on the Polygon network.

SIDUS is certainly very grateful for the interest that the Polygon team has demonstrated in the project and for the trust their new partner has placed in them. As for the SIDUS team, it is very keen to justify that trust and to work on expanding onto many more blockchains in pursuit of expanding its gaming community.


As mentioned earlier, SIDUS HEROES is a futuristic, P2E, NFT and MMORPG that transports players to a world based on crypto and blockchain philosophy. This new world has already seen many major technological transformations take place and all living beings within this universe have fused with technology to some extent.

Every creature’s characteristics, such as their physical features and outlook on life, have been predetermined by the tech-race they were born into. One thing that they all have in common however is the desire to grow and achieve power and excellence.

The project allows users to build and equip Space Shuttles, go on intergalactic missions, collect resources and pillage the entire galaxy if they wish. There are a lot of details to discover about this project and many different aspects of the game to figure out, promising to keep things fresh and interesting for players for a long time.