Sekuritance Teams up With CryptoUK to Help Develop Balanced Policies

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Sekuritance Teams up With CryptoUK to Help Develop Balanced Policies

Sep 4 2021

In brief

  • Sekuritance just announced its partnership with CryptoUK — a UK-based trade body for crypto
  • Through this partnership, the company will be able to help impact future crypto policies
  • The move will allow for better crypto regulations that will be recommended by someone with a deep understanding of the industry

Sekuritance recently got the opportunity to help bring new regulatory policies to the crypto industry through its partnership with CryptoUK.

Cryptocurrency has grown bigger than ever before, and despite recent price hiccups, adoption is skyrocketing around the world. With a situation like that, it has become more important than ever to create balanced cryptocurrency policies that will bring order and security to the industry, but not result in limiting it so much that it hinders innovation and use.

Obviously, regulating crypto in any way is extremely difficult, and doing it while maintaining such careful balance is pretty much bordering the impossible. But, as long as there is will, there is bound to be a way, and RegTech and RiskTech DeFi company, Sekuritance, is determined to find it.

The project has spent a large portion of 2021 entering major partnerships, further improving its technology, building up its community, and more. Right now, however, it is ready to start helping shape policies, in addition to helping projects learn how to be regulatory compliant, and an opportunity to do just that has opened up.

Sekuritance gets a unique opportunity to affect the crypto industry

The project recently partnered with CryptoUK Association, which is a UK-based trade body representing the local digital asset sector. This will allow Sekuritance to work directly with market participants and policymakers alike, and help develop a balanced policy that will assist in keeping the crypto industry innovative and interesting, while also increasing the sector’s security, especially for its users.

The new partnership was announced by CryptoUK itself, which welcomed Sekuritance to its community via Twitter. They also praised the project and its team, which delivers top compliance, regulatory, transaction monitoring, and identity management to merchants and individuals alike.

At this point, it remains unknown what Sekuritance plans to focus on and how its assistance will impact future laws surrounding cryptocurrency and policies thereof. However, given the fact that the UK has been one of the strictest countries towards cryptocurrencies without openly banning them, Sekuritance’s help is very much needed.

Far too often, regulators opt to eliminate anything that they cannot comfortably regulate, and Sekuritance’s help can prevent that. The regulators will receive recommendations from one of the most upstanding crypto-related firms within the DeFi space, while the crypto industry will get the benefit of having someone who actually understands it on their side, giving advice and proposals for bettering the emerging sector.

What does Sekuritance have to offer?

Sekuritance has also seen a number of other important developments recently, such as its token, SKRT, getting listed on CoinPaprika, working on improving its UI, and developing a variety of tools and products that can help individuals and businesses alike.

In fact, the project features a full-service RegTech toolkit and ecosystem, all of which is available on a single platform capable of supporting institutions of every size. Sekuritance was built to help the exchanges, banks, as well as governments, and it offers a rich RegTech suite, including Sekur.Vault, Sekur.Auth, Sekur.Transact, Sekur.Trace, Sekur.Alert, and Sekur.Certify.

All of it is powered by its SKRT token, whose primary function is the processing and logging of compliance and regulatory security, as well as payment-related verification tasks.