Sekuritance Reveals its Second Partner, Announces Recruiting New Team Members, and More

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Sekuritance Reveals its Second Partner, Announces Recruiting New Team Members, and More

May 27 2021

In brief

  • Over the last several days, RegTech and RiskTech ecosystem, Sekuritance, announced that it integrated another service provider in RiskTech.
  • In addition, the project is onboarding two new clients for its solutions, one of which was revealed to be Yieldly.
  • Lastly, the project announced that it is looking for new members for its team, inviting interested developers to apply for the openings.

, Sekuritance, recently revealed that it is ready to integrate new services, in addition to announcing a new HR drive for a number of positions within its team.

Sekuritance is an emerging DeFi and CeFi compliance ecosystem that has been seeing rapid growth over the past several weeks. Over the last several days, the project’s team revealed that it has integrated a new service provider last week in the RiskTech space. On top of that, it is onboarding two new clients for its solutions.

In a Telegram announcement, it offered further details, announcing that it was chosen to perform the due diligence process on the Yieldly launch and that the good news is that those who were already screened by Sekuritance and verified will have a place in the onboarding form to indicate this.

As a result, the process should be extremely fast, and much faster than it used to be. The project invited interested parties to stay tuned to TrustSwap and Yieldly channels for additional information. Soon after that, it announced that it received over 250 applications for the new Yieldly launch and that 210 of them were quickly verified and approved by Sekuritance’s team.

Only hours later, that number went to 550 applications and 475 confirmations, verifications, and approvals. By May 22nd, the number skyrocketed to 1500+ applications, 97.5% of which were processed in record time, further indicating how efficient Sekuritance’s system has become.

Sekuritance is looking for new team members

In a separate announcement, Sekuritance revealed that it has decided to expand upon its existing team. The announcement says that they have embarked on a new HR drive, and are now recruiting for a number of positions internally.

These include Angular UI Developer, Blockchain Developer, 24/7 Support Agents, a Marketing Executive, and a Finance Executive. The project invited anyone who believes they have what it takes to fill out any of these positions to contact the existing team via email address: [email protected].

Sekuritance sees rapid growth

Sekuritance has been a relatively quiet project until recently, with a lot of development and preparations taking place behind the scenes. However, over the last few weeks, it started becoming more and more active, finally ready to start its work.

Last weekend, it announced that it will reveal new partnerships, one of which was revealed to be with TrustSwap — a DeFi solution for various types of crypto transactions. Now, its new streak of partnerships and projects on which it is being invited to work is starting to grow, with the situation surrounding Yieldly being the prime example of this.

All in all, it appears that Sekuritance is finally ready to spring into action, and its advanced solutions are slowly but surely starting to attract clients, partners, users, and more.