Sekuritance Hints at Two Major Partnerships, Reveals One So Far

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Sekuritance Hints at Two Major Partnerships, Reveals One So Far

May 19 2021

In brief

  • Last Sunday, May 16th, Sekuritance took to Twitter to announce that it is entering two partnerships.
  • It did not reveal the partnering firms right away, noting that they will be unveiled this week.
  • Yesterday, May 17th, it revealed one, noting that it is teaming up with TrustSwap.

Securitance recently announced that it will reveal two major partnerships this week, and so far, it already revealed one.

Sekuritance RegTech platform is a young one, but it has been advancing quite rapidly in the competitive crypto sector. The project offers a single platform from which its clients can run multiple regulatory, compliance, and monitoring queries and programs. The platform is fit to help services of any size, and given the difficulty that many crypto projects have in this area, its services have been highly anticipated.

The project has already started partnering with many DeFi and CeFi businesses, and only two days ago, on Sunday, May 16th, it revealed that two new partnerships will be announced this week. The first one was already revealed yesterday when Sekuritance announced on its Twitter account that it will start working with the TrustSwap team.

The project sees this as a big step in the right direction, as TrustSwap is one of the biggest and the most rapidly emerging projects of the DeFi sector. So far, Sekuritance had nothing but praises for the TrustSwap project, noting that its team is a very professional and knowledgeable group of people.

Not only that, but it also confirmed that its liquidity locking is utilising their platforms, which makes the system very reliable.

What is TrustSwap?

TrustSwap is a DeFi project that deals in various forms of crypto payments. It was created due to the lack of a crypto-native service for processing time-locked transactions, but it soon started growing and expanding in all directions, coming up with numerous products and offering all kinds of new services, the most notable of which right now is its TrustSwap Launchpad.

The Launchpad has helped a number of projects kick off in the DeFi sector, providing them with a large community of investors, while investors themselves were granted access to reliable and safe projects that TrustSwap itself reviewed before listing, confirming that they are legitimate and that they have potential.

TrustSwap has made a massive amount of progress over the last six months, even managing to purchase its largest competitor, which pretty much left it as the leading project in its area.

Who Is the Second Partner?

As mentioned, Sekuritance promised to reveal the second partner, noting that this revelation will also be made at some point this week. Unfortunately, this did not happen as of yet, and Sekuritance made sure to be quite secretive about it, in order to achieve the greatest impact once it does reveal the identity of the second project.

Whoever it is, it will likely be able to benefit greatly from teaming up with Sekuritance and its services, not to mention that there is a good chance for the mysterious project to see the price of its token jump a bit following the partnership announcement.