Sekuritance Goes Live to Deal With Regulatory Issues in the Blockchain

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Sekuritance Goes Live to Deal With Regulatory Issues in the Blockchain

May 8 2021

In brief

  • Sekuritance is online today.
  • The new platform improves transaction transparency among decentralized and traditional systems.
  • This new effort will more likely help beat skepticism from the crypto-averse in the world.

Sekuritance, the new Regtech platform, has launched today on the TrustSwap’s Launchpad.

Nobody doubts the power of blockchain transactions. Even haters have to tip their hat at the technology’s obvious strengths. But many potential new users in the mainstream are still staying away from blockchain technologies (despite the DeFi explosion we have seen recently) because of distrust. It’s normal. Every new technology creates a legion of skeptical critics who preach noisily against jumping in the current latest wagon, whatever it may be. It’s probably been happening since the wheel was invented.

Starting today, the distrusters will have many fewer reasons to stay away as Sekuritance is, at last, online. It’s here to deal with compliance and regulatory issues in blockchain transactions so that everything is transparent and straightforward.

If you know nothing about the cryptoverse, you probably still know that decentralization is the name of the game. Every blockchain is supposed to self-regulate correctly so that every user can trust the system. And it works within the system.

The problem is that if Crypto is going to take off, we will need to see a money flow from the traditional financial system into the digital currency blockchains and vice versa. Both systems (conventional and crypto) have their own security dynamics in place, which everybody trusts, at least in each world. But as they link with each other to transact, doubts can arise from both sides. Enter Sekuritance.

What is Sekuritance?

The new Regtech platform, Sekuritance, which has gone online only an hour ago, offers a single platform in which several regulatory and compliance processes are available for institutional and individual transactors of all kinds and sizes.

Sekuritance looks scalable, secure, flexible. Its Holistic Screening Engine can configure in drag-and-drop mode, guarantee dynamic workflows, encrypt every process, automatize everything to the maximum, and many other features.

It’s good enough for players of all kinds (individual or institutional), but the buck keeps rolling so that it can support, by design, to support integration into third-party systems so that the beauty of guaranteed compliance can flood the world.

As every fraud preventive platform, the project includes a Know Your Customer (KYC) policy that helps reduce not only attempts at fraud but also the entrance of fishy players to the game. It’s the thing we’ve seen implemented in gambling sites all over the world over the last few years.

The project includes a token known as $SKRT, which, unlike so many other cryptocurrencies, is born with a whole set of use cases in mind. In this case, every transaction that serves the purpose of regulatory compliance within the Sekuritance system will be governed by the SKRT token.

We would like to welcome the new platform’s arrival. All efforts to secure the interaction between Crypto and the traditional system can only help along with the widespread adoption of digital currencies we are all expecting anxiously.