Sekuritance Gives Hints of an Upcoming Competition to Increase Awareness of the Project

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Sekuritance Gives Hints of an Upcoming Competition to Increase Awareness of the Project

May 21 2021

In brief

  • RegTech platform Sekuritance is working on expanding the awareness by organizing soon-to-arrive competitions.
  • The project’s announcement did not share details about the nature of competitions or rewards for their winners.
  • More details are said to be coming very soon, so anyone interested in participating should keep track of its announcements.

RegTech and RiskTech platform Sekuritance is working on its brand awareness campaign, which is supposed to increase its global user base, and potentially bring in new clients.

Launching a new business is never easy, as every single sector out there is fighting for dominance with everything it’s got. The situation is even more severe when it comes to the crypto industry and its DeFi sector, which is extremely young on its own.

Every project launching over the past year was rushing to gram the early mover advantage, and along the way, suffocate competitors as much as possible. In this chaos of marketing stunts, various offers and partnerships are being announced left and right.

This is not surprising, as having strong partners and backers is crucial. Strong partners can invest in new projects, and their very support is used to legitimize any project that partners with them. Meanwhile, projects are using the creativity and support of their communities to spread the word of their existence, services, and benefits.

A DeFi and CeFi RegTech ecosystem known as Sekuritance is in the middle of its own campaign, aiming to draw in partners and spread the word of its services. It already hinted at two major partnerships, one of which was already revealed to be a collaboration with TrustSwap. But, as the community waited to hear of the project’s second partnership, it announced an upcoming competition that will be used to spread awareness of the project.

Sekuritance’s new awareness competition

Two days ago, on May 18th, Sekuritance, which aims to tackle blockchain regulatory issues, posted a cryptic tweet that did not reveal much about its plans, but it still provided some insight into what users can expect in the near future.

The project said that its team is working on some awareness competitions that are expected to help the project grow and increase its worldwide audience. Furthermore, it will also educate new users who might be interested in learning about it, and discovering how Sekuritance uses its RegTech and RiskTech platforms and solutions to increase the safety and security of the crypto space.

One of the project’s goals is to turn the crypto industry into a risk-free environment that would be safe, secure, and convenient to transact in. That is pretty much all that the project was willing to reveal of its plans thus far, and the only other thing it noted is that users should stay tuned for more information, as it will reveal details of how the community can participate.

Unfortunately, the project did not announce the nature of the competition(s), nor possible rewards for those who end up being its winners. However, given the importance of spreading the word about such a young project, Sekuritance will likely save no expense in order to provide strong enough incentive, not only for its existing community to enter the contest, but also to attract new users who may hear about it as a result of the event(s).