Sekuritance to Celebrate its New Project Onboarding Module with a Small Giveaway

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Sekuritance to Celebrate its New Project Onboarding Module with a Small Giveaway

Jun 25 2021

In brief

  • Sekuritance recently launched a new product — a Project Onboarding Module, which became available on June 23rd.
  • The company made it available for testing, so that users could check it out, report flaws, bugs, and alike.
  • To celebrate this, the company is launching a $600 giveaway that will last until July 7th.

Sekuritance recently announced making its new Project Onboarding Module available for testing, and to celebrate it, it also announced a giveaway.

On June 23rd, a RegTech and RiskTech DeFi company, Sekuritance, announced that a new Project Onboarding Module becoming available for testing. The new service emerged in the midst of a wave of popularity that has brought numerous new projects for Sekuritance, causing the company to seek an easy way to onboard these projects.

The Module is not yet ready for an official launch, however, but in order to speed things up and make it happen, the company decided to enlist the help of its community. By exposing the product to the testers, Sekuritance will be able to find potential flaws, bugs, shortages, and alike, more quickly. As soon as these potential issues are identified, the firm can start working on fixing them and bring the product that much closer to the full version.

Sekuritance starts a small giveaway

Two days after it made the Project Onboarding Module available, the company decided to celebrate it by running a small $600 giveaway for the testers. The giveaway actually started at the same time as the testing period itself — June 23rd, and it will last for about two weeks, ending on July 7th.

To enter the giveaway, users would need to go to and fill out an SKRT Alpha Testing form within the platform. The project insists that it is extremely important for applicants to use real data, as this will create a profile in their solution.

Furthermore, it will also verify the accuracy of submissions in a real-life scenario. At the end of the contest, the company will be drawing 3 winners, completely randomly. Each of the three individuals will receive $200 in SKRT, Sekuritance’s native cryptocurrency.

SKRT staking and listings

Speaking of SKRT, the token went live on TrustSwap Staking, with an APY of 236, according to TrustSwap’s announcement from June 10th. That means that users can now use it outside of Sekuritance’s own ecosystem to make passive income. Users can stake SKRT and receive rewards in SKRT, or if they are SWAP holders, they can also earn SKRT by staking SWAP.

SKRT was also recently updated on CoinGecko, and Sekuritance publicly asked CoinMarketCap to find the time to list the token on its platform, as well. Sekuritance also noted that it submitted the forms for a token listing on CMC several weeks back and that it has been sending reminders since then.

Given the fact that the project has already attracted partners, clients, and users, and it now holds a giveaway and a testing round for its new product, it is safe to say that Sekuritance is attracting quite a bit of attention. Listing on CoinMarketCap is likely to be even more beneficial as it will not only expose the project and grow awareness of it, but it might also be beneficial for its price.