Sekuritance Bags Another Partnership, this Time with LedgerScore

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Sekuritance Bags Another Partnership, this Time with LedgerScore

Jun 4 2021

In brief

  • Sekuritance announced a number of partnerships over the past two weeks including the one with TrustSwap.
  • The project also onboarded multiple clients, while it is still in the talks with many more, as it consistently reports.
  • Now, the project announced its brand-new partner, Ledger Score, which deals in personal and business crypto credit.

DeFi project Sekuritance recently started entering partnerships and onboarding clients at a rapid rate, after a prolonged period of development in the background.

Security and regulatory compliance have been one of the larger focuses of the crypto industry for ages. Unfortunately, the industry is far from being either at this point. However, this is not so difficult to understand. Given that most governments are still uncertain about the crypto industry, and some are actively resisting it, many are not even trying to regulate it. Those that are have found that task next to impossible, as the industry is still changing and maturing.

However, there are some guidelines and directions that the authorities were able to provide, especially when it comes to crypto-related companies. But, becoming compliant is often difficult for firms to do on their own, which is why platforms like Sekuritance have emerged to help, and this particular platform has been on quite a roll recently.

Sekuritance Enters Another Partnership

Only two days ago, on the 30th of May, Sekuritance announced on Twitter that it has entered yet another strategic partnership.

This time, it is with a personal and business crypto credit profile pioneer, LedgerScore.

LedgerScore offers a suite of financial products that make it very simple to establish a personal or business credit profile. This differs from traditional credit reporting bureaus, as LedgerScore aggregates its data from its clients’ crypto transactions.

Essentially, whenever the client sends or receives coins, the transaction is stored on the blockchain. With blockchain being transparent, immutable, and safe from any kind of manipulation, this data is quite trustworthy, and all it takes is to be collected and accounted for.

LedgerScore then verifies the user’s identity to each transaction stored on the blockchain and cross-references it with its own verified network users and business partners. As a result of the process, it can establish and confirm the client’s activity.

Like Sekuritance itself, LedgerScore recently partnered with TrustSwap, and it just launched its public pre-sale of LED token on May 31st. With Sekuritance’s help, the company will ensure that it is regulatory compliant, while Sekuritance is getting a powerful new partner who will make use of its products and services, thus helping it grow and further confirming its legitimacy and quality of service.

What Does Sekuritance Do?

As mentioned, Sekuritance is a CeFi and DeFi RegTech and RiskTech ecosystem that delivers top compliance, transaction monitoring, and identity management solutions. It serves merchants, individuals, as well as other types of partners.

It has specific products and services meant for specific types of customers. For example, its SekurValut is a unique Omni-vault, meant for financial institutions. Its Sekur-MFA is meant for payment gateways and card acquirers, while Sekur.Transact can be used by institutions facing losses due to financial crimes.

It even services government agencies, banks, and financial crime authorities by offering its Sekur.Trace, which provides insight into how people spend their crypto and what they do with it. However, can be useful to merchants too, by offering services like Sekur.Alert — an internal database connecting to specialist datasets that extend its analytical reach.