What is QuiverX’s Liquidity xChange and How does it Work?

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What is QuiverX’s Liquidity xChange and How does it Work?

Jun 15 2021

In brief

  • DeFi has had issues with liquidity for the most of its lifetime, which was particularly clear with early DEXes.
  • With the growth of the sector and rapid development, a number of solutions was found over the last year.
  • One of the most inventive solutions, however, comes from the project QuiverX, in the form of its Liquidity xChange.

QuiverX is a DeFi project with a wide variety of features, one of which is its Liquidity xChange, which revolutionizes the way liquidity works in DeFi.

QuiverX-Liquidity xChange is one of the project’s many products, and easily one of the most important ones. It functions as a peer-to-peer (P2P) service that offers a direct method for users to buy and sell liquidity.

Not only that, but the service also has an auction function, which allows any person who wishes to buy or sell liquidity positions a unique opportunity to enter or exit locked positions at any time they want. The feature was designed in order to help free up investment capital for people who have decided to liquidate their funds, and offer stable means of capital for businesses to grow, as the project explains it.

The Liquidity xChange comes as a more profitable option for liquidity providers than what other solutions were able to come up with in a very simple way. Basically, it lets investors sell high-value positions for more than what was initially staked. On top of that, it also provides an incentive to people to enter locked liquidity, while at the same time, it reduces the need to exit the pool too early, with little to no benefit.

Lastly, the Liquidity xChange continues to follow QuiverX’s broader philosophy of being more open, accepting, and inviting, by allowing those who may be locked out of a staking option a way to enter. Before it, doing so was either not possible or too risky without a secure, trusted third party, due to the state of the market.

But, for all its benefits, Liquidity xChange is only one of the new solutions, features, and products that QuiverX has to offer. It also has a staking program called xReward Program, an xEarn Governance Portal, its own xWallet, a card called xCard, xATMs, and eXcel Program.

What is QuiverX about?

For those who might not know, QuiverX is a relatively new platform that combines blockchain technology with the concept of crowdfunding. Basically, there are plenty of high-yield assets out there in the world that are just not accessible to most people, usually because they are too expensive for retail investors.

Stocks of massive corporations like Microsoft, Google, Apple, Amazon, and alike, are too expensive for regular people to buy. QuiverX, therefore, came up with a solution, likely being inspired by the tokenization process. It uses this process to give these and other high-yield assets their tokenized version.

More than that, it turns them into smaller parts, so that people could purchase a portion of a stock, instead of having to buy the entire stock at once. That way, users get to invest into risk-free assets in a way that makes them more available, and they don’t miss out on great opportunities, as these assets’ prices tend to suddenly go up whenever positive developments take place.

It is safe, secure, and easy to use, and it essentially just continues the work that the internet started when it brought traditional finance investing online, making it available for people around the world, instead of only for a handful of institutional investors and wealthy individuals.