QuiverX Roadmap: The Road So Far, and What to Expect Next

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QuiverX Roadmap: The Road So Far, and What to Expect Next

May 24 2021

In brief

  • Over the last several quarters, QuiverX made excellent progress regarding development.
  • The project recently launched a beta version of its platform and got listed on public exchanges.
  • However, there are still a few goals that it has to reach before the end of the year.

QuiverX Capital make high-yielding investments available for smaller investors, already made excellent progress this year, with a few more major goals remaining.

Ever since it blew up, DeFi has given birth to countless interesting and unique projects that aim to revolutionize digital banking, ways of low-risk earning, and alike. Many of the emerging projects focus on decentralized lending/borrowing, which seems to be in high demand at the moment. Then, there are DEXes, like Uniswap, SushiSwap, and many others that have attracted attention on various chains.

And, of course, staking, yield farming, and liquidity providing are also quite big these days, with a number of projects competing with one another, offering major rewards and various benefits in hope of attracting users.

QuiverX Capital, however, is unique even among DeFi protocols, as it aims to offer its users the ability to invest into assets that would be out of reach otherwise.

What does QuiverX do?

QuiverX is essentially a platform that combines blockchain technology with the concept of crowdfunding, and it relies heavily on the process of tokenization. What this means is that it uses blockchain tech to tokenize high-yielding investment opportunities that would otherwise be too expensive for the average retail investor to invest in them. It then allows users to invest in only a portion of the asset, rather than in the whole thing at once.

Think of stocks as an example. Some of the stocks cost only mere cents per stock. Others, a few dollars. And then, there are some that cost over $100 per piece, or more. These are far beyond most people’s reach, especially if their aim is to buy enough of them to make it worthwhile.

QuiverX’s idea is to take these assets, tokenize them and break them into smaller units. The stock itself would remain whole, but its tokenized version would consist of numerous coins, which would allow users to buy a small portion of it — as much as they can afford.

This unique service has attracted many to the project, and with people came the funds, which allowed it to continuously work on bettering its service, thus letting it go through a number of moves and developments rather rapidly.

QuiverX’s rapid development

In Q4, 2020, for example, the project created its platform’s website, it managed to finally obtain all the necessary licenses and documentation, and then, it even launched staking with Ferrum. It also collaborated with xEarn to introduce governance. It also expanded its team a bit, thus strengthening its knowledge and experience pool.

In the first quarter of this year, it launched the beta version of its QuiverX platform, as well as an MVP app. It then managed to get listed on a public exchange, and it rolled out its custom wallet. Around the same time, it also started working on its marketing campaign, which led to it being featured in multiple major publications.

Then came Q2, which is currently still ongoing at the time of writing. For this quarter, the project made several plans, such as launching the full version of its website, which it managed to complete already. Then, there is the launch of its crypto card, on which it worked in partnership with Visa.

It also scheduled QuiverX-eXcel members to live call, meant to discuss the other goals for the rest of 2021, such as rolling out its business utilizing the platform.

There are two more major goals that the project plans to achieve this year, one of which is initiating QuiverX rewards program initiative, which is expected to bring a lot more users to it, while the other is holding its first governance farming protocol vote. Both of these events are scheduled to take place in Q3, 2021. Once these remaining goals are complete, the project will have finally fulfilled all of its plans that the current roadmap has to offer. After that, it will likely come up with some new goals and plans, some of which are likely already known to its leaders but have yet to be published and revealed to the community.