QuiverX Publishes a Community Update, Announcing Exciting New Developments

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QuiverX Publishes a Community Update, Announcing Exciting New Developments

May 19 2021

In brief

  • A decentralized crowdfunding platform, QuiverX, has made some excellent progress recently.
  • However, the platform announced to its users that there is a lot more coming in pending weeks and months.
  • Among the arriving developments is the cross-chain operability, a new exchange listing, and a number of additional partnerships.

QuiverX recently published a community update, listing some major achievements that it made thus far.

QuiverX is a platform that aims to revolutionize investing into high-yielding assets through crowdfunding. Essentially, the platform aims to offer investors fractional shares of high-yielding investments, thus allowing those who would otherwise be unable to invest to reach expensive, but highly rewarding investment opportunities.

As a young project, however, it still has a long road ahead of it, but it is off to a good start, and it recently announced plans that will take it further down its road. In a recent Telegram post, it thanked everyone for raising awareness of the project through tweets and other means, claiming that the efforts did yield results. The engagement is picking up, according to the announcement, and the number of active wallet users is growing.

With that said, the project devs also stated that they are excited about this month, as there are numerous events lined up. QuiverX already teamed up with some important companies, including Plethori and CertiK. However, it also stated that this is just a beginning and that additional partnerships are expected to come.

Next, QuiverX said that the development phase of its platform is nearing its end and that testing and auditing will start in weeks to come. At the same time, the team has also been exploring cross-chain operability, researching different options in that regard. So far, it has sent a number of applications to network providers and is currently waiting to hear back from them.

Work behind the scenes

However, there have also been some delays. For example, the project initially intended to reach another exchange listing early in Q2 2021. However, these plans are now pushed to Q3 of this year. With that said, this is not a bad thing, as it will allow the platform to capitalize on the launch of the full platform. As a result, they feel that taking some extra time will eventually be for the best.

QuiverX noted that it has been working a lot behind the scenes, both on growing its network through advertising, and on strengthening its position in the crypto space. As part of this work, it supported the growth of new and existing projects, it continued working on Black Label, and it plans to take additional steps to solidify its goals.

What it is doing now is all aimed at building a reputation of success, which will, hopefully, give projects that are looking to conduct a raise in confidence in QuiverX’s ecosystem and platform. The project itself believes that everything done so far continues to add up to its brand’s overall value, and that very soon, it might be ready to make an active transition to its holders.