QuiverX Enriches DeFi by Providing a Revolutionary Crowdfunding Platform

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QuiverX Enriches DeFi by Providing a Revolutionary Crowdfunding Platform

May 10 2021

In brief

  • Investing into various assets is simple in concept, but there are plenty of barriers that prevent some people from doing it.
  • One example includes assets that are too expensive for an everyday investor, who cannot afford them.
  • QuiverX changes that by allowing traders to invest in fractional shares of high-yielding investments.

QuiverX has made a move that will allow practically everyone to invest into some of the most popular, and even the most expensive investment opportunities.

Investing has been growing a lot over the past few decades, and especially in this last one. With the internet maturing, new generations that have grown up with it coming of age and seeking new opportunities, many have started turning to online investing as a way to make money by exploiting volatility, market movements, and new developments in the world of business and finance.

However, not everyone was included back then, and that is still the case now. If you wanted to make a worthwhile investment, you needed money, or knowledge of the future, so that you could buy a very cheap asset now, and wait for it to blow up. With the future being anything but certain, many were looking for expensive stocks of major firms, that have always made the biggest positive movements, paid the most in dividends, and alike.

Unfortunately, these assets are often too expensive for everyday investors, and as such, they are mostly pursued by institutional investors and wealthy individuals. QuiverX aims to change that.

What is QuiverX and what does it do?

With the cryptocurrency industry and blockchain technology, countless new products, and even entire sectors have emerged. The DeFi sector is one of them, and one of the reasons why it has grown so big so rapidly is because it is simply very inclusive. It is affordable, offers a lot of options, and it now offers plenty of banking-like services in a decentralized manner.

As such, it has attracted attention, which in turn gave birth to new projects seeking to tackle some of the growing financial issues. QuiverX, for example, is trying to combine the concepts of crowdfunding and investing and open up doorways that have been closed for many investors so far.

Essentially, the company is offering a platform that gives everyday investors a chance to invest and earn like the best of traders. It is taking investments to the next level in quite an interesting way. Essentially, it tokenizes high-yielding investments, offering users to invest in fractional shares. So, if there is a stock that you really wish to invest in but you can’t afford it, you can invest in one half of it, or one-quarter of it, or some smaller fractional share, as much as you can or are willing to buy.

The others can buy the remaining segments of the share, which you will now co-own, and be able to profit off of, especially if it pays out dividends. In time, you can gather up more money and offer to purchase other buyers’ shares, and improve your ownership.

This is a good and sustainable way to earn passive income, secure your financial freedom, and invest in a decentralized store of value, that will allow you to be the only one in control of your money. As such, the project has attracted a lot of popularity, it is safe, secure, it has its own online wallet, and it is generally one of the growing stars of its sector.