Blockchain-Based, NFT Game Kryxivia Completes Its Token Sale in Minutes

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Blockchain-Based, NFT Game Kryxivia Completes Its Token Sale in Minutes

Dec 14 2021

In brief

  • Blockchain-based game Kryxivia, which relies heavily on NFTs, just completed its IDO.
  • The token sale took place on November 30th, and it was completed in only a few minutes.
  • The game’s popularity also attracted a number of scammers, causing the project’s team to issue an official warning.

NFT-based game Kryxivia just completed its IDO, completing the token sale in mere seconds due to massive interest from its growing community.

Blockchain-based game Kryxivia — an emerging new NFT project that allows players to explore a vast, rich world and earn rewards for clearing out dungeons — recently held a token sale for its native cryptocurrency, which was very successful. According to its recent announcement on Twitter, posted on November 30th, the token sale was completed in mere minutes.

However, the success and popularity of the game also worked in a negative way, attracting scammers, forcing the project to publish an official warning, as well.

Kryxivia token sale

Kryxivia’s recent tweet confirmed that its token sale was indeed completed successfully, with the offered tokens being sold out in mere minutes. The project has offered its native KXA token, and all the data from Poolz and EnjiStarter has already been updated on CoinMarketCap.

The token was sold at a price of $0.015 per unit, with an initial market cap of $300,000. The project should see its first listing on PancakeSwap on December 3rd, at 18:00 UTC.

The success of the token sale is not surprising, however, given that the sale was held at a very popular launchpad within the Binance Smart Chain ecosystem. On top of that, Kryxivia has managed to attract a lot of attention and build up quite a community. Around the time of its IDO, the project hit 10,000 followers on both Twitter and Discord.

Kryxivia posts scam alert

Unfortunately, the positive development was accompanied by some negativity as well, as the project seemingly became aware that there are scammers who are trying to trick people by using its token. The token, KXA, is not yet listed and being traded anywhere, and it will see its first listing on December 3rd.

However, the project seemingly saw reports of KXA being offered for trade on various locations, and it quickly posted another announcement stating that all such offers are nothing but a scam. Kryxivia team reminded the community that they only have a single official website, and that all others are also scams. Finally, they urged the community to only follow the official links through its official site, and to stay safe out there, as online criminals continue to seek out gullible investors willing to part with their money in exchange for a potentially well-performing asset.

What is Kryxivia?

Kryxivia is an NFT multiverse MMORPG web game developed on blockchain. It is a game that allows users the opportunity to earn money, instead of simply spending it on in-game items. The game consists of a large, growing city, next to which is a mountain filled with rooms with enemies and bosses. Defeating the opponents allows players to loot things like tokens, NFTs, and various in-game items. Which can then be used, stored, or sold for a price on NFT markets.

The game represents a new era of decentralized online gaming where players get to actually own their in-game properties, instead of being owned by them. The game is completely governed by the community and supported by a complex economy based on supply and demand.

Pretty much everything in the game can be traded or exchanged between players, going from one wallet to another. All items are, of course, owned in the form of blockchain NFTs, which are tied to the player character.

The game also has a very interesting story, where a recently discovered mine was found to contain the remnants of an ancient civilization, filled with magical gems that hold tremendous power.

The gems were named Kryxit, and collecting them is the main goal of the game. Different gems give players different kinds of powers, and they can be used or sold as NFTs.

Kryxivia is a very interesting concept, and a pioneer of the new generation of games which will empower players and grant them the ability to earn while enjoying their favorite hobby.