New Developments at Sekuritance: New Team Additions, Improvements, and More

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New Developments at Sekuritance: New Team Additions, Improvements, and More

Jun 15 2021

In brief

  • Sekuritance recently announced a number of new developments.
  • Apart from several new additions to its team, the company is also improving customer service.
  • Lastly, the company also announced new development of 2 more FinTech features.

RegTech and RiskTech firm for DeFi and CeFi, Sekuritance, recently announced a number of new additions and developments that will have a significant impact on its operations.

Sekuritance, a growing RegTech and RiskTech company for CeFi and DeFi, is implementing a number of new additions and developments that will have a significant impact on its operations. Sekuritance has been helping numerous crypto firms with regulatory and compliance issues, and in doing so is helping the blockchain environment move closer into the mainstream. However, in the meantime, it has also worked on expanding its own team and improving its services.

The company recently published the results of such efforts on their public media channels, where it stated on June 9th the new development of 2 more FinTech features which allow bank accounts in bulk to be validated as being well constructed (super important for any company doing bank transfers in bulk) as well as enhanced DeviceID analysis.

In addition Sekuritance has announced that it is happy to welcome Antonio Bileci as its brand new Chief Marketing and Business Development Officer. Antonio’s portfolio ranges from media, software, iGaming, traditional finance and also on marketing some of the biggest international crypto exchanges out there.

According to the firm, Antonio started working for Sekuritance last Friday, and so far, he has been a great addition to the firm, gearing up for delivery, as the announcement said.

Sekuritance is also trying to be more in touch with its community, which is why it plans to start holding AMAs twice per month, where its employees and colleagues will be able to participate and share details of what is going on, what the platform is working on, who it is working with, where is it heading, and alike.

Lastly, there have been three more additions to its team — one front-end developer, and two backend developers.

What Else Is Going on with Sekuritance?

The company announced a number of other developments alongside the HR changes. For example, from the organization’s point of view, they are tweaking their CRM to be more efficient internally. They are also improving the helpdesk system to improve the response time efficiency. Next, they are also looking at multiple listing opportunities that they were already presented with, as the company is attracting massive amounts of attention very quickly. All that remains is to see which fits the project and the community the most.

The company also announced that starting on June 9th, users will have the option to stake SKRT tokens on the TrustSwap Portal. It presented it as a unique opportunity to not only receive access to all upcoming Sekuritance Network UI functionality, but also a method of getting more credits for participation.

Lastly, the company is undergoing final testing of its new Onboarding Due Diligence Solution – both from a backend and frontend! Sekurtiance is testing the flow as well as stress testing whilst simulating thousands of entries per second with realistic file upload expectations and so far it has proven successful. It expects to send out the invitation to the community to participate in this final approach in the coming days. Out of those that apply it will select a handful at random and others will get the opportunity to test the next wave of updates.

In other words, Sekuritance has gotten quite busy over the past several weeks, looking into new listings, expanding its team, improving its customer support, and more. It is clear that its major aim is to maintain a good relationship with its community and at the same time expand its project and its influence, and so far, it has been rather successful at balancing these goals out.