Introducing NetVRk — a Blockchain-Based Metaverse Seeking to Revolutionize VR

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Introducing NetVRk — a Blockchain-Based Metaverse Seeking to Revolutionize VR

Aug 31 2021

In brief

  • VR as we know it today is highly advanced, but still far from its full potential
  • By combining this technology with blockchain, NetVRk aims to make it available to the broader community
  • Through its technology and the community’s innovative nature, the project aims to create the richest VR worlds yet

NetVRk is one of a handful of projects that are aiming to revolutionize virtual reality technology and open doors to entire new digital worlds that users could inhibit and interact with.

Humanity’s technology has been advancing at an incredible speed over the past several decades. We went from the first room-sized computers to VR headsets in less than 50 years, which is a massive technological jump that opened doors to an entire world of new possibilities.

But, when it comes to virtual reality, we have only scratched the surface, and its next stage of development will be taking place on top of blockchain technology. There are already numerous projects that are exploring this prospect, with NetVRk being one that stands out from the rest due to several reasons.

What is NetVRk?

In the simplest terms, NetVRk is a blockchain-based project that seeks to revolutionize virtual reality. It considers VR to be the process of becoming a progressive and transformative technology in the modern community that will open up new possibilities, and take the prospect of virtual worlds to an entirely new level.

With nothing more than a headset and an interactive platform, users can start exploring entire virtual worlds. One interesting fact is that the first VR device was actually invented way earlier than many would assume — in 1838. Back then, an inventor known as Charles Wheatstone created the first stereoscopic device, and interestingly enough — that device works on a very similar principle as today’s VR headsets, such as the VR solution created by Oculus and other similar manufacturers.

Of course, we have improved the device a bit since then, allowing the viewing of 3D images by using two 2D images that trick the brain when viewing both at the same time, each with one eye.

A lot has changed since those early days, but it is worth mentioning that we are still not exactly at the Matrix levels of VR. But, another interesting thing is that each new development is taking us a step closer to it, which is definitely something to look forward to, and that’s where NetVRk comes in.

NetVRk’s role in the world of VR

NetVRk’s goal is to create the most advanced and brightest possible experience in Virtual Reality. To achieve this, it uses a shared VR platform that is based on a model of the universe. It features entire planets, cities based on those planets, and it even provides interactions within its world. The platform is of course not limited to VR, as users can experience it on their regular computers, laptops and similar devices.

Users get to experience real-world-level physical interactions, and they can find and even create new VR content through the integration of their own 3D visual code. Of course, there is also a possibility of using the platform’s own creation tools, which are simple to use even by non-professionals who don’t know a thing about coding or 3D software.

While companies like NetVRk can develop advanced technologies that offer access to the entire universes, making these communities come to life is out of their grasp. That is something that only the community can achieve, through its own bottomless pool of inspiration, ideas, and innovation. This was seen time and time again in the modding communities of various games, and it is the same for Virtual Reality.

Through the company’s world and tools, and the community’s imagination, the VR can become something greater than anyone has ever dared imagine, and it can offer new, immersive experiences to the world. Meanwhile, it can also monetize and share content that will continuously expand this virtual metaverse.

To that extent, NetVRk also has its own native cryptocurrency, known as NTVRK. The coin is currently ranking as the 2,884th largest crypto by market cap, which is not that bad, considering that there are nearly 12,000 digital coins out there. Its price at the time of writing sits at $2.34 after surging by 12.10% in the last 24 hours. The coin is currently very close to its all-time high of $2.84, and it could soon reach it and breach it provided that the market conditions allow it.

For now, it is worth remembering that this cryptocurrency can be the future money of entire virtual worlds, which makes it worth keeping an eye on.