All You Need to Know About Military.Finance’s $MIL Token

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All You Need to Know About Military.Finance’s $MIL Token

Jul 10 2021

In brief

  • Military.Finance is a new project that aims to help veterans through its token, $MIL.
  • The token was launched only two months ago, and is used to reward holders and organize charities.
  • Right now, the token is attracting major attention due to the project’s upcoming CoD tournament.

Military.Finance launched its $MIL token two months ago, for the purpose of using it to help veterans through charities, but also holders through various rewards.

It is mid-July 2021, and the crypto industry is still struggling with its prices, with Bitcoin still fluctuating between lower and mid-$30,000s. However, even now, new cryptocurrencies continue to emerge and attract support from investors thanks to their unique approaches to solving world problems.

For example, veterans around the world, and especially in the US, tend to find themselves in difficult situations which often include living in poverty, or even homelessness. And, while there are charities and events organized to help them, they often lack organization and the attention necessary to actually make a difference.

Enter Military.Finance — a new crypto project that launched only a bit over two months ago, with the goal of making a lasting change. This project has a new approach, relying on the power of blockchain technology and community. And, if the crypto history has taught us anything so far, it is that there is no limit to what the community can achieve when it puts its hivemind on it.

Introducing $MIL and its use cases

Military.Finance, naturally, has its own token called $MIL. The token saw the launch on May 10th of this year, and it has a total supply of 1 trillion units, with liquidity pool keys burned forever. The project encourages the holding of the token by providing users with 5% MIL rewards that go directly into the holders’ wallets after every token transaction that takes place on its network.

Each transaction comes with an 8% transaction fee, and while 5% is distributed to token holders, the remaining 3% is used for liquidity.

One of the ways that the project uses its token to help veterans is through charities, but also various events. For example, it recently had a Send A Soldier Home program, where the project selects a soldier who has been serving for a while now, and it makes a deal with his superiors to allow him a certain time off. The soldier is then sent back home to his family, which is typically not informed of his arrival, which results in quite a surprise for everyone.

On top of that, the project also organizes a short vacation for the entire family. All of this is possible thanks to the MIL token and those who invest in it and HODL it. The project also has a donation wallet, to which users can donate funds to support charities. The project’s plan was to use these funds once MIL reaches 5,000 holders and to transfer 75% of the donated funds to veteran charities, 15% to operation expenses, and 10% for growing the coin’s market value, which is ultimately useful for holders and vets alike.

Military.Finance and its token were audited by two major blockchain security firms, CertiK and Solidity, both of which gave their approval. The project is now working on a market push, and one of the biggest moves here is its upcoming Call of Duty tournament. The tournament was announced only days ago, and it will allow users to earn as much as $1 million throughout 13 months.

Essentially, the project will hold the tournament every month, and each month will have a winner who will receive $50,000. Users only have to hold $25 in MIL in order to play, and all semi finalists and winners will automatically proceed to the final tournament, which will offer a reward of $400,000.