Military.Finance Teams Up with DeFiBoost to Speed Up Spreading Awareness

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Military.Finance Teams Up with DeFiBoost to Speed Up Spreading Awareness

Jul 8 2021

In brief

  • Military.Finance (MIL) is a young project that aims to help veterans who live in extreme conditions
  • The project is taking a portion of every transaction for charities and various charitable events involving veterans
  • Recently, the project announced teaming up with DeFiBoost, a leading crypto PR and marketing agency which can help spread awareness

Military.Finance, a project aiming to help veterans, just announced teaming up with DeFiBoost to help spread awareness about their mission.

Military.Finance, a project aiming to assist veterans, just announced teaming up with DeFiBoost to help spread awareness about their mission.

What if we told you that, when you see a homeless person in a park or on the street, chances are good that this person once risked their life to serve their country and help keep you safe? That they likely gave up everything they had, sacrificing their time, health, and even their very future, just to allow their nation to sleep soundly at night?

According to some estimates, there are over 200,000 veterans who may be homeless on any given night. What’s worse, the number of veterans that experience homelessness at some point throughout the year can easily climb to be twice that, or more.

This is the unfortunate situation in which many of the veterans are finding themselves on a daily basis, and even those that are not completely homeless are considered at risk, due to social isolation, lack of support from family and friends, and the high cost of living and housing.

Since this is a rather poor way to repay the vets for what they have done for their nations and its people, a new project called Military.Finance emerged to use the power of cryptocurrency, blockchain, and community to help change things. But, no project can do that without help, which is why Military.Finance recently partnered with a crypto marketing agency, DeFiBoost, which can help spread awareness even further.

How can DeFiBoost help?

DeFiBoost is a project that emerged some time ago, with the goal of helping young projects within the crypto space reach their target audience. The company has an advanced system of spreading the news through modern means. It was deemed advantageous by the creators of Military.Finance, as the crypto industry is extremely competitive and rich with pioneering projects competing for user’s attention, to partner with a leading PR and marketing agency within the crypto industry for added exposure. 

Since this will not only direct more experienced crypto investors toward the project, but also raise tremendous exposure for the cause, they have decided to hire DeFiBoost to help further spread the word and make people aware that there is a new project with a purpose deeply rooted within the ethos of decentralized finance, making it possible to connect crypto to veteran organizations, allowing investors to earn rewards for helping our heroes. 

Military.Finance may be the only token of its kind, but that doesn’t change the fact that the veterans find themselves in a very difficult position, and it is imperative for the project to grow as quickly as possible. The best way to ensure that is to spread the news, explain the project to anyone who might be interested, and showcase how even the smallest contributions can make a big difference for the lives of those who risked everything to keep their country safe.

DeFiBoost does this in a way that all but guarantees quick results, as it features a highly skilled PR team that goes beyond traditional media relations. Instead, it offers authentic coverage from some of the biggest crypto publications and influencers.

The project is using the power of the internet, community, social media, and more. It maintains strong relationships with YouTube influencers and leader marketing, collaborating with a number of well-known, vocal speakers on various subjects, and has recently begun developing channels of their own, offering project AMA’s and influencer videos highlighting the latest developments within DeFi, and educating their audience about their clients’ mission and goals.

Obviously, this sounds perfect for spreading awareness for the veterans and their situation. Most people are already aware of the state in which many of our veterans around the world find themselves, although so far, there was little they could do to help. This is the first project to use cryptocurrencies in such an impactful way for veterans around the world. But, with DeFiBoost at its back, awareness for the project can skyrocket, and so will interest, and hopefully, the token’s price. After all, knowledge is power, and the crypto community has been proving time and time again that there is no limit to what it can do when people join hands and share a common goal.