Military.Finance Makes its Second Great Donation

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Military.Finance Makes its Second Great Donation

Jul 15 2021

In brief

  • Military.Finance recently announced its second major donation for the veterans.
  • This time, the crypto project donated $30,000 — $10,000 more than in its first one.
  • The company is also paying veterans sports sponsorships to increase awareness.

Military.Finance is a young project aiming to support veterans from all over the world, and currently on the mission of increasing awareness through various moves.

Military.Finance is one of the most popular emerging projects that aim to help people through real-world efforts, rather than just by providing them with the means to trade or earn passive income. The project, which focuses on veterans from all countries of the world, recently made a major donation of $20,000 only 22 days after its cryptocurrency was launched. This took place on June 2nd, 2021.

Now, in mid-July, the project decided to make a second great donation, this time to the Taya and Chris Kyle Foundation. This time, the company donated as much as $30,000, with the donation taking place on July 13th.

Like the last one, this donation was also made for the purpose of helping the veterans who are often left to live in difficult conditions following the end of their service.

Military.Finance aims to change that by utilizing the power of blockchain technology and its vast  community. Furthermore, the project has also made several other recent moves to increase awareness about its noble cause. So far, many people have heard about its upcoming Call of Duty tournament that will last for 13 months, starting September 2021.

However, the company did not stop there. It also started sponsoring teams participating in popular events, such as its celebrity softball sponsorship, where it sponsored veterans that played against celebrities.

At the time of writing, July 15th, the $MIL token’s price sits at $0.00000429, after growing by 1.7% in the last 24 hours. At this point, the project is only about two months old. But, even so, it is advancing at an incredible speed, most of which is thanks to high-profile moves, such as the aforementioned sponsorships and announcements.

However, the project is doing various other things that may not be so well-known. These are meant to further its core goals of actually helping not only veterans but also soldiers that still serve. One example is its Surprise a Soldier operation, where the project is finding reputable soldiers that have been serving for a long time now without an opportunity to return home, or even see their families.

The project has already identified a number of candidates for the program, secretly sending them back home for several days, and even paying for short vacations for the soldiers and their surprised families that were not notified of soldiers’ return. The project simply wishes to show its gratitude to these real-life heroes that are sacrificing so much for their country and people by doing an act of kindness, and it was all made possible thanks to the kind and caring Military.Finance community, and the power of crypto and blockchain.