Military.Finance Uses Cryptocurrency to Help Veterans

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Military.Finance Uses Cryptocurrency to Help Veterans

Jul 7 2021

In brief

  • Military.Finance is a project that aims to help veterans by organizing charity events.
  • The project also takes a percentage of each transaction for army veterans and charitable events
  • So far, it sponsored a former Air Force NASCAR driver, sent a soldier home, and donated $20,000

A lot of army veterans have been abandoned after ending their service, and today, they can barely survive in difficult conditions. Military.Finance aims to change that and give back to the people who risked their lives for their country.

A lot of army veterans have been abandoned after ending their service, and today, they can barely survive these difficult conditions. Military.Finance aims to change that and give back to the people who risked their lives for their country.

Over the years, the cryptocurrency industry has infiltrated practically every industry out there, in one way or another. Some gladly accepted it, others are in the process of coming to terms with it, while some still seem to be skeptical about what cryptocurrencies can bring to the table. However, with that said, the crypto industry is the strongest when it does what it was originally meant to do, and that is to use the power of the community to help people take the power back into their own hands.

Whenever someone says that, the first thing that people think about are the unbanked regions of the world where people live in poverty due to the lack of banking services and access to the global economy. And, while this is definitely true — these are not the only victims of the modern-day systems. There are far too many people who find themselves in desperate situations, even if they are living in the west.

One major example of this are veterans who often end up on their own, abandoned, shortly after they served their country. This is yet another harsh reminder that governments ultimately do not bear this burden, and that they are left to fend for themselves. With that in mind, the only thing that veterans can rely on in these dire situations is a supportive community of caring people, which is exactly who came together and created this crypto project Military.Finance.

What is Military.Finance?

Military.Finance is several things, including the proof that there is no limit to what the crypto industry can do once its members put their minds to it. It is a young project made by veterans for veterans, and it has a special mission.

That mission is to use a fully decentralized, community-built blockchain project, designed to help the country’s military veterans through charities. In other words, it aims to connect veteran and crypto organizations and give back to those who gave so much to serve and protect their country.

The project was created on Binance Smart Chain only two months ago, on May 10th, featuring several team members who are quite passionate about the heroes of their nation. Military.Finance is the first, and currently the only project that focuses on helping veterans.

What did Military.Finance Do for the Veterans So Far?

Despite the fact that it is a young project, Military.Finance has already had several very successful and heartwarming events. To make them happen, the project has partnered with other projects, groups, and movements that aim to make a difference for those who need it, such as the Heart of a Lion Foundation. 

The project celebrated this first partnership by donating $20,000 — all of the initial funds raised to this very foundation. It did this ahead of schedule, only 22 days after its native cryptocurrency, $MIL, was launched. 

Another example of what good the project can do took place at the end of June. The company selected a soldier that then got the surprise of his life. The chosen soldier has been on duty for 8 years, and he has not seen his family in over 2 years. Military.Finance managed to make a deal with his superiors, who also believed that the soldier more than deserved to be reunited with his loved ones after such a long period. Even other soldiers who originally qualified to be chosen gave up their own spot to their staff sergeant, feeling that he deserved it more.

Military.Finance made sure that the staff sergeant did not only arrive at home to surprise his family, which was kept in the dark regarding his return, but that they would also go on a four-day vacation for the entire family.

Another, slightly different move that the project has made recently, was to release the first-ever Bitcoin AR-15, popularly known as America’s most popular semi-automatic rifle. The unique rifle will have a locked digital wallet embedded directly on it that includes a full Bitcoin, currently valued at $34,271.90 USD. According to the project, they selected the AR-15 because it symbolizes the fight veterans face every day in battle. So, it’s more than just an awesome gun — it’s a symbol that will mean a lot to the people that Military.Finance wishes to help. The way it will help them, however, is by auctioning the rifle, and using the funds to help veterans.

The project has also recently teamed up with the Heroic Hearts Project to help veterans fight PTSD, and return to normal lives by coming to terms with the part of their lives spent in battle, and leaving it behind.