A New Metaverse Game Plutonians Announces a Successful IGO

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A New Metaverse Game Plutonians Announces a Successful IGO

Mar 25 2022

In brief

  • Plutonians, a new metaverse game based in space, recently announced its IGO calendar.
  • The project held its Initial Game Offering on a number of platforms between February 10th and 15th.
  • All Initial Game Offerings were successful, being sold out on the IGO launch day.

Metaverse is taking over as the crypto industry’s biggest and hottest trend, leading up to the launch of a number of impressive new projects, particularly when it comes to those that are using this technology to bring new gaming solutions. Blockchain and gaming have been trying to find a way to combine their two technologies into one for years now, and with the blockchain developing its virtual worlds, the metaverses, gaming has finally found the best way to connect to this emerging sector.

The biggest example of this today is a brand-new blockchain-based metaverse space game called Plutonians, which recently announced that they held a successful Initial Game Offering (IGO).

A successful IGO

The team had scheduled the IGO on a number of platforms, with many of them running simultaneously.

The first IGO was held on February 10th, on Corestarter, and it ended on February 12th. On February 11th, the project also held an IGO on Seedify, which also was scheduled to end on February 12th, but was sold out almost immediately.

Afterwards, the project held its Initial Game Offering on three different platforms, two of them simultaneously. IGO on BullPerks was held on February 13th, while StarLaunch and GamesPad IGOs were held on February 14th. Finally, on February 15th, the last IGO took place on BLOKPAD.

All IGOs were major successes and some of them sold out in under a minute. Seedify IGO was sold out in 58 seconds.

What is Plutonians about?

Plutonians is a new metaverse game built on Solana’s blockchain. The project describes itself as a Web3 game by U.A.Fabrica. Essentially, it is an NFT-enabled and SPL token-powered space RPG that is developed as a combination of Web2 and Web3 technologies.

Web2 provides the multiplayer universe, while Web 3 is enabling the metaverse. However, in the spirit of openness that is demanded by the metaverse, the game will act as a persistent-state Web3 game.

The project also says that it is platform agnostic, not wishing to limit itself to a single platform. Not only that, but it also believes that it would be impossible for a single company to build a true metaverse. Instead, the project intends to be open to the new platforms that its users are already on.

The project explained that this means that an avatar NFT, for example, would come with a version rigged for VR chat, in addition to being usable in the game itself. The same can be true for a spaceship in the game, which might be represented in other games, and vice versa. In other words, Plutonians is open towards metaverse collaborations, which could result in players being able to transfer items from other metaverses to Plutonians, and back.