Metaverse Project Ertha Announces the Launch of the Official ERTHA Marketplace

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Metaverse Project Ertha Announces the Launch of the Official ERTHA Marketplace

Dec 10 2021

In brief

  • Ertha, a metaverse project that offers users to buy plots of virtual land, has launched its ERTHA marketplace.
  • Each piece of land, a valuable NFT, is available on the marketplace for all users.
  • The project also hinted at ‘exciting things ahead,’ which are to be announced soon, after the addition of Ambassadors.

Metaverse project Ertha announced the soon arrival of its marketplace, which is currently the most anticipated thing regarding the project, and which continues to push the size of its community.

The cryptocurrency sector has found a new obsession, and this time — it is metaverse. Over the last few months, the metaverse trend has been picking up, announcing itself as the dominant trend of 2022, with countless projects now launching in this sector, while existing ones are shifting the direction of their developments to try and get ahead while there is still time.

Of course, none of this comes as a surprise given the potential that the metaverse has, as well as its compatibility with other regions in crypto, such as DeFi, NFTs, and simply using digital currencies for payments. Metaverse promises to change the way people communicate, interact, shop online, learn new skills, play games, run businesses, and much, much more. As such, it definitely seems like the right thing to focus right now and improve the state of the internet as a whole.

One example is Ertha, a project that is growing quite rapidly, and with a full focus on metaverse and its benefits. In fact, it just announced the completion of the launch of its official ERTHA marketplace.

Ertha takes the next step

According to its recent announcement, the official ERTHA marketplace is now available to all participants. It provides users with the opportunity to become landowners in its metaverse, and buy, rent, or sell land hexes. Not only that, but the project offers players to purchase land anywhere in the world, so they get to select the country where they wish to buy their plots of land, as well.

Each land HEX acts as an extremely valuable NFT, with no way to predict how high the price of each may go in time. The project will even allow users to make the residing companies on these plots of land and have people pay taxes to landowners, which would allow them to earn passive income through land ownership.

There is a lot that is being promised by the metaverse, as the state of these virtual worlds continues to improve and unlock new possibilities. Of course, even the most optimistic predictions are likely still only scratching the surface of what will actually be possible when talented and innovative developers get to experiment and test the new worlds that are now in development.

Interestingly, Ertha has also seen a massive boost when it comes to the size of its community. Especially when it comes to the final days of November. On November 29th, the project celebrated reaching 10,000 followers on Twitter. In 24 hours, it managed to hit 15,000, and by December 9th, that number has reached 25,000, showing that the project was skyrocketing in terms of popularity as the marketplace launch continued to draw nearer.

The project noted that the launch of the marketplace was completed without any issues. The team is now hard at work, especially since excitement levels are off the charts.

Meanwhile, the project also noted that ERTHA Ambassador applications have been put on hold for the time being, and those who have already managed to apply for the position can look forward to earning METACOINS for their contributions. These coins can be redeemed for Ertha NFTs, and the Ambassadors are already being added in batches, which will continue throughout the week.

Lastly, the project has just announced several of their launchpads – Seedify and Redkite. Stay tuned for more of their announcements in their official Telegram and Discord channels.