Introducing MetaOps — Blockchain’s First NFT-Based FPS

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Introducing MetaOps — Blockchain’s First NFT-Based FPS

Jan 14 2022

In brief

  • Blockchain just got its very own FPS game called MetaOps, built on Ethereum.
  • The project uses NFTs to introduce equipment and various advantages for the players.
  • Minted on Immutable X, the game will have much lower fees than what you can expect from regular ETH transactions.

Blockchain gaming is developing rapidly, and it already got its first-ever First-Person Shooter (FPS) game called MetaOps, which now aims to dominate this sector of decentralized gaming.

Thanks to the mainstream adoption of NFTs, blockchain gaming is quickly changing the future of the gaming industry by enabling players to earn digital assets and other cryptocurrencies. The blockchain gaming industry is extremely diverse when it comes to genres. We have already seen fighting games, RPGs, strategy games, and more. Now, thanks to a project called MetaOps, the blockchain has finally received its very first FPS (First-Person Shooter).

What is MetaOps?

MetaOps is a new blockchain-based FPS game that utilizes Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) to place more power in the hands of the players. Players will be able to join the battlefield and team up with friends to put their tactical skills to the test in multiplayer modes like team deathmatch, free-for-all, capture the flag, and search and destroy. MetaOps provides players with a truly unique experience by intertwining the fast-paced nature of the battlefield with the immersive experience of the metaverse while redefining the nature of ownership

MetaOps has established a partnership with Tipping Toast Media – a game development studio with over 25 years of experience in developing world-class gaming titles. They have contributed to the development of companies, including Electronic Arts and Ubisoft.  Together, they strive to leverage their strengths to revolutionize the gaming industry by allowing players to earn in-game assets and be rewarded for the time that they play.

What does MetaOps have to offer?

This project will be releasing updates modularly. Their first launch will include a map, called “The Factory” and competitive game modes, such as tournament and ranked matches. Players will have access to more than 32 primary and secondary weapons, tactical equipment, and more.

As the game progresses, all in-game items will be minted into the MetaOps Metaverse as NFTs. Each NFT may represent an item, character, or collectible in the game. These NFTs can be purely cosmetic, such as weapon charms and skins, or functional, such as skill upgrades, damage boosts, and additional perks. Players will be able to create businesses, metaverse clans, and even mint player highlights.

MetaOps has a unique gaming model that allows players to earn digital assets simply by playing their FPS. Every in-game kill will earn players in-game tokens, which can later be used to redeem their native token or an NFT mystery box. There will also be a unique leveling system where players can advance their characters, level up their weapons, and enjoy an unparalleled experience through skill-based matchmaking.

A Gas-Free Experience

MetaOps has partnered with Immutable X to provide players with a gas-free experience by utilizing layer 2 solutions on the Ethereum blockchain. When transactions are processed on Immutable X’s layer 2 platform, there are no gas fees for peer-to-peer transfers, minting of NFTs, or listing/selling. In addition, all assets minted or traded on Immutable X are 100% carbon neutral and tradable instantly. However, transaction fees do occur when depositing funds from layer 1 to layer 2 and withdrawing funds from layer 2 to layer 1.